Bizarrely Beautiful: 5 Of The Most Peculiar Succulents You’ve Ever Seen

Bizarrely Beautiful: 5 Of The Most Peculiar Succulents You’ve Ever Seen

There’s more to succulents than spikes and rosettes. Check out these one of a kind succulents. Trust us, you’ll want one of each.

Dolphin Succulents 

A cross between a Candle Plant and a String-of-Pearls vine, the result is an amazing succulent plant with leaves that strongly resembles the charming marine mammal complete with fins. 

Scientifically identified as Senecio peregrinus, these succulents maintain its dolphin-shaped leaves no matter how thick or big it grow. What’s even more exciting is that dolphin succulents come with white and pink flowers, too.


Haworthia Cooperi



Some say they look like grapes, others say they look like little water bags. Haworthia cooperi is a stemless succulent with leaves glossy leaves that appear almost transparent. A healthy Haworthia cooperi succulent sprouts anywhere from 20 to 25 leaves per rosette. Usually a lovely bluish green, its color can change with too much sun or lack of water.

      Rabbit Succulents


      It’s Easter every day if you have these rabbit succulents at home. Otherwise known in the scientific world as Monilaria moniliformis or Monilaria obconica, these rabbit or bunny succulents are the current craze in Japan and on the Internet.

      Young rabbit succulents sprout little leaves that will remind you of baby bunny ears. As they grow, the rabbit ears become longer just like adult rabbits.

      When rabbit succulents reach full maturity, their leaves will bend because of too much weight and eventually lose its likeness to rabbits. But don’t fret, because in exchange, it’ll bloom gorgeous white flowers with yellow center.

        Starfish Succulent Plant

        Officially known as the Gentiana urnula, it’s easy to see why it’s called the starfish succulent. This low-maintenance plant is an absolute must-have for any succulent lover.  

        Baseball Plant

        A native of South Africa, the Euphorbia Obesa is a subtropical succulent specie. It looks like ball, thus it’s more popularly called as the baseball plant. This decorative succulent can grow anywhere from six to 15 centimeters wide and has its own built-in reservoir in case of drought.

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