10 Supersize Plants to Transform Your Home Into A Tropical Paradise

10 Supersize Plants to Transform Your Home Into A Tropical Paradise

Indoor plants are now a growing trend that’s taking over the hottest social networking sites, such as Instagram and Pinterest.

We’ve seen succulents being used as a styling staple by interior design authorities. But if you want to bring nature, style, and drama into any space big time, oversized indoor plants are the way to go.

According to Apartment Therapy, large-scale greenery:

  • Works great as sculptural focal point to spacious rooms
  • Effortlessly exudes a relaxing and refreshing Bohemian vibe
  • Highlights high ceilings and maximizes space
  • Pops beautifully against a monochrome backdrop

Not to mention, oversized indoor plants are timeless, elegant, and go perfectly well with almost any theme imaginable.

Don’t know where to start? Pull off this trend by checking out our top 10. 

Oversized Fiddle Leaf

A lush statement piece. Put it in a spot flooded with indirect sunlight all day.

Palm Leaf Plants

A charmer for tropical island dreams.

Jade Plant

From the family of succulents, jade plant are easy to grow in pots, thrives indoors, and can go high up to 10 feet tall.

Tall Cacti

This is like your cute, low-maintenance succulent plant, but bigger.

Philodendron Plant

Big leaves with an interesting shape. A


Also known as the desert rose, this plant is the best compromise if you’re a sucker for flowers.

Monstera deliciosa

An Instagram superstar these days, the monstera plant can transform any room into a tropical oasis.

Birds of Paradise

Another treat for the flower lover. Birds of paradise grows up to eight feet high. Place in an area that receives ample of light and indulge.


Dracaena plants are unquestionably one of the best oversized indoor plants anyone would recommend.

Norfolk Island Pine

Despite its name and looks, this plant is not really a pine. But no one’s going to stop you from using it as a Christmas tree come the holiday season.

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