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How To Pull Off a DIY Mother’s Day Brunch

Flowers For All Seasons


What can be sweeter than good food and gorgeous flowers served with love and enjoyed with friends and family on Mother’s Day?

Here’s how to impress your mom with a DIY Mother’s Day brunch without driving your stress levels off the charts.

  • Keep the table sweet and simple.

    While it’s tempting to go all out on the do-it-yourself pieces, it can also take a toll on you and take your mind off the most important things sometimes. If have the luxury of time in your hands and you really are the type of person who loves doing pretty DIY crafts, go for it, honey. However, if you’re pressed for time, how about keep it smart and still chic? The Internet is full of free, ready-to-print goodies that can be used to your advantage.

  • Use fresh flower arrangements as centerpiece.

    Flowers add sugar, spice, and everything nice to any table setup. They’re the most beautiful compliments to your best linens. They make meals more inviting and extra special, too. Pick flowers that are in season. Not only are they at their prettiest, but they’re also easy to avail, and cheaper. Of course, you get extra points if you know your mom’s favorite flower and use them.

  • Serve the kind of food closest to your mom’s heart.

    Is your mum health conscious? Does she have Italian, Mexican, or French roots? Because Mother’s Day is all about her, make sure your menu is, too. Because maximum satisfaction with zero to minimum stress is our game play for this occasion, don’t try to whip anything too grandiose if you think you’re in a crunch already.  A bottle of champagne or a mouthwatering cake can do the trick.

Beyond the beautiful flowers, the gifts, and the brunch, Mother’s Day is all about you spending quality time with your mom.


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