Vase Recycling Program: A Way to a More Sustainable Flower Arrangement

Vase Recycling Program: A Way to a More Sustainable Flower Arrangement

With the current climate crisis, every little thing we do towards achieving a more sustainable lifestyle that's kinder to the environment counts. Now more than ever, every step towards this cause creates a ripple effect of positive changes. One way we do that here at Orchid Republic is through our Vase Recycling Program. 

What Is a Vase Recycling Program 

Most of our signature floral arrangements are presented in elegant ceramic or glass vases to make them readily available for gifting or displaying. In addition, as part of our initiative to increase our sustainability, we encourage our customers to reuse vases from their previous orders from us.

The bigger picture of this initiative is that by reusing old flower vases, we can minimize their mass production and reduce the ones that purposelessly get discarded and end up in landfills. On the other hand, this benefits our customers because they can save by no longer paying for a new vase. It's something that can add up in the long run, particularly for frequent customers who love having fresh flower arrangements on their doorstep regularly.

In photo: Juno's Paradise, $209

Here's How it Works

  • Shop our current collection of orchid plants or flower arrangements. 

  • Keep the vases after the blooms have faded, protecting them from damage or discolorations. Disclaimer: we may refuse a request to reuse old vases if we find that it will compromise the arrangement after carefully inspecting it. For example, if it has cracks, molds, or was not washed properly. 

  • Drop by one of our floral boutiques to order a new arrangement and simply let us know that you would like to reuse your vase instead of purchasing a new one, and friendly staff will deduct the price of the container from the overall costs.

Please check out our previous blog to learn more about our efforts to become a more sustainable flower business.


Orchid Republic is a local floral boutique with multiple physical locations in Los Angeles, Orange County, and Santa Monica. We have an extensive selection of orchids, floral arrangements, houseplants, succulents, and gift boxes. If you are keen on shopping for sustainable flower arrangements, don't hesitate to contact us. Our florists will be happy to assist you. 

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