What Is Floriography? Decoding the Language of Flowers 

What Is Floriography? Decoding the Language of Flowers 


In the Victorian era (1837-1901), floriography used the language of flowers to express emotions and subtly convey messages that may have been deemed inappropriate at the time. Fresh, colorful flowers were used to secretly show feelings of love and romance, appreciation, admiration, sympathy, and even sadness.

Young lovers were not allowed to display affection publicly, especially during those highly conservative times. So they send gorgeous nosegay, posy, or tussie-mussie, a small flower bouquet, typically given as a gift. 

Coded Messages with Flowers 

Here are some examples of how they used flowers to send coded messages:

  • Red florals like carnations represent love and affection 
  • Yellow carnations symbolize friendship so that it can mean rejection and disappointment to someone hoping for romance
  • When a suitor hands a bouquet and the lady receives it with her right hand, it signifies a “yes” or acceptance, while the left hand means the opposite.
  • If the lady wears a nosegay from her suitor over her heart, the feeling is mutual. However, putting it in the center of her bodice means she can only offer friendship.

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Flower Meanings for Different Occasions 

Despite our modern times, the magic of the language of flowers remains timeless and forever beautiful. Check out what each flower means based on its colors. 

  • Red - Love, Affection, Passion
  • Pink - Admiration, Sweetness
  • Yellow-Friendship, Happiness, Celebration
  • Orange - Encouragement, Enthusiasm
  • Lavender - Charm, Bewitching Beauty, Love at First Sight
  • Green - Good Health, Prosperity
  • White - Apology, Sympathy


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