Here's How We're Making an Effort to be a Sustainable Flower Business

Here's How We're Making an Effort to be a Sustainable Flower Business


Everything we do impacts our environment. The catastrophic consequences of climate change have made that quite clear for us in recent years. So, it's not surprising to see many people shift to more sustainable practices in their everyday lives. Sustainability is so broad and can mean differently for different people, but essentially, it's doing your best not further to harm the planet we live on and those who live on it in everything you do.

And although the flower industry is far from perfect, here's how we're making an effort toward becoming more sustainable and kinder to the environment here at Orchid Republic.

We Source Our Flowers and Foliage from Local Farmers 

While we have some imported flowers in the mix, most of our orchids, fresh flowers, and foliage selection are locally and ethically sourced from different farmers in Carpinteria, California. This is our own way to support the local flower farming community, especially during these challenging times. In addition, this also reduces our carbon footprint as a flower business that's doing its best to be sustainable.

Imported products transported from overseas consume massive amounts of energy and petrol. As a result, they are notorious for carbon emissions that primarily contribute to human-induced climate change and urban air pollution. In addition, unlike imported blooms, locally grown flowers typically have fewer pesticides and chemical preservatives that prevent them from wilting during transit.

No Single-Use Plastic in Our Flower Arrangements

We are aware that plastic waste is the primary culprit of worldwide pollution. It takes 500 years minimum for a piece of plastic to decompose, sometimes even longer, filling up our landfills to the brim, polluting our ocean waters, and endangering marine life. 

It's why we're slowly but surely minimizing the use of all single-use plastic in our floral boutiques. Instead, our elegant orchids and flower arrangements are presented in stylish flower vases usually made of ceramics, glass, and other reusable materials. In addition, we encourage our customers to bring their flower vases to our flower studios when ordering a new floral creation

from us, so they only pay for the arrangement. Likewise, our lovely hand bouquets are artfully arranged and wrapped with fine-quality papers, twines, and satin ribbons that are biodegradable.

In photo: The Meghan Orchids, $235

Orchids, Plants, and Succulent Offerings 

We have customers who order flower bouquets to mark special occasions but prefer long-lasting creations to decorate their homes. For our eco-conscious customers who still want to have gorgeous flowers, we always recommend our orchid arrangements, which are expertly designed using healthy orchid plants. We also have a collection of beautiful houseplants and succulent arrangements that are perfect for every corner of your home or office. 

Ethical Business Practices for Our Staff and Vendors

Beyond our flowers, we believe that part of our journey as a sustainable flower business is treating and compensating our hardworking florists and staff fairly. Moreover, as a women-led company, we welcome and celebrate diversity in our workforce and ensure they have all the support they need to do their jobs and live a high quality of life. The same love goes for our vendors and suppliers. We pay for their products and services fairly and prioritize supporting local and ethical businesses continuously.

Sustainable Flowers for Same-Day Delivery in Santa Monica 

Orchid Republic is a local floral boutique with studios in Los Angeles, Orange County, and Santa Monica. We have an extensive selection of orchids and floral arrangements, making thoughtful and tasteful gifts for all occasions. If you are keen on ordering more sustainable flower arrangements, don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly florists will be happy to assist you. 

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