Radiant Ranunculus and Flower Meanings

Radiant Ranunculus and Flower Meanings


Also known as buttercups, ranunculus are some of our favorite spring to summer blooms. Due to their delicate, paper-thin petals that come in the daintiest array of colors, it’s no wonder they have become a mainstay in many special occasion flower arrangements, like wedding bouquets and birthday flowers.

The Sweet Flower Meanings of Ranunculus

We love incorporating ranunculus in a wide range and style of flower arrangements because they add texture, pops of colors, and have positive flower meanings. In the language of flowers, ranunculus symbolizes attractiveness and charm. Ask your florist to include them into the mix of a romantic floral design to express how much you are captivated or spellbound by your sweetheart. 

On the other hand, ranunculus also follows the same flower meanings with colors, such as:

  • Yellow for happiness, celebrations, get-well flowers, and friendship
  • Purple for beauty fit for royalty
  • Red for love and passion
  • White for elegance, innocence, apology, purity, and sympathy
  • Pink for beauty and gratitude

Our Bestselling Ranunculus Floral Designs

The Red Marchesa

A royally red ensemble, featuring red ranunculus with roses, scabiosa, and snapdragons.

The Garden of Eve 

white ranunculus

Crisp white ranunculus mixed with roses, snapdragons, amaranthus, and verdant succulents

Pink Glam 

The prettiest buttercups in hot pink paired with blush pink tulips and green hellebores.

Golden Flowers

Yellow and orange ranunculus bring a happy ray of sunshine with creamy roses, goldenrod, stock, and hellebores.

Fascinating Stories About Ranunculus

Ranunculus has a rather unique name. It is Latin literally translates to little frog, probably because ranunculus can be found in abundance in streams and other fresh bodies of water.

Like other flowers, the origin of ranunculus is entwined in many ancient stories and myths; the most popular a Persian one. According to the tale, there was a prince who fell head over heels with a beautiful nymph. He tried to sweep her off her feet with loved songs but that didn’t work. The prince died after being rejected with ranunculus blossoming on the spot where he fell. Apparently, the other nymphs didn’t like his singing, so they cursed him to become a ranunculus.

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