Our Favorite Dahlia Flower Arrangements and Their Meanings

Our Favorite Dahlia Flower Arrangements and Their Meanings

Dahlias are in season again! Our florists love these summer-loving blooms because of their delicate petals and dramatic layers. They’re long-lasting and are a delight to see in floral designs because of their richness in color and the unique character and charm they lend.

Best of all, dahlias bloom in a delicious array of striking hues, with some varieties boasting two color combinations with stripes and trimmings on the petals. As a result, they offer endless possibilities when you want to create a meaningful flower gift or paint a picture of your thoughts and feelings.

Dahlia Flower Meanings Based on Color 

Colors play a critical role in flower meanings. They’re the perfect guide for choosing which blooms to use on special occasions, like a birthday bouquet, or expressing certain feelings without sending the wrong message. 

Here are some of our favorite dahlia flower arrangements and their interesting flower meanings and symbolism.

Pink Dahlia Flower 

pink dahlia flower arrangement

 Pink Sapphire Dahlias, $299

Oh, who wouldn’t fall in love with dahlias blooming in the prettiest pinks? Pastel pink, hot pink, fuchsia pink, grapefruit-kind-of-pink — you name it! Pink dahlias represent beauty, grace, and kindness. In general, pink flower arrangements are also considered the best way to express gratitude and affection. Therefore, pink dahlia bouquets are popularly given for birthdays and Mother’s Day.

Yellow Dahlia Flower

 yellow dahlia flower arrangement

 Golden Dahlias, $299

Yellow dahlias bring a ray of light during the darkest times. They’re lovely pick-me-up and get-well flowers because their bright yellow colors bring happy, hopeful, and positive vibes. 

Red Dahlia Flower

red dahlia flower arrangement

Dahlia Desire, $119

Red dahlias are bold and festive. Like any red flower, they can be used to express romantic feelings. But they also stand for persistence and perseverance during tough times. They remind you of merry-making and meaningful memories shared with special people. Red dahlia flower arrangements are often used in romance bouquets, birthday flowers, and get well soon gifts.

White Dahlia Flower 

white dahlia flower arrangement

El Sereno Flowers, $119

White dahlias are effortlessly elegant and refreshingly radiant. We love incorporating them in garden-inspired or all-white flower arrangements because of their delicate layers and textures that elevate any floral design. In addition, they symbolize honesty, purity, and new beginnings, making them fitting flower gifts or centerpieces for new babies, baptisms, or weddings. They’re also an excellent choice as sympathy and apology flowers.

Black Dahlia Flower 

burgundy dahlia flower arrangement

Merlot Majesty, $130

There’s no naturally blue or black dahlia; they’re just burgundy dahlias with dark, wine-colored petals when you look at them closely. Queen of unpopular opinion here: contrary to the common notion that they represent grim or bad omens, we see dark-colored dahlias as something seductive and mysterious. They’re also a favorite in many fall and winter wedding flower arrangements.



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