The Prettiest Pink Flowers for National Pink Day

The Prettiest Pink Flowers for National Pink Day

Is National Pink Day for real or a made-up holiday? Well, honestly, we don't care! We love pink and wouldn't mind adding another reason to celebrate. 

What Is National Pink Day?

National Pink Day is observed every June 23 and is meant to celebrate everything this color stands for — femininity, romance, childhood, and kindness. More lighthearted, it's important to note that it's a different holiday from:

  • International Day of Pink (April 14), a day dedicated to raising awareness against homophobic bullying
  • Wear it Pink Day (October 23), which supports Breast Cancer research funding 

Nevertheless, we see nothing wrong if you want to leverage this holiday to advance these significant causes as personal advocacy.

How Do You Celebrate It?

When observing this quirky, unofficial holiday, there are no set rules or traditions. So celebrate National Pink Day by:

  • Wearing your most head-turning pink outfits
  • Putting on a swipe of your favorite pink lippie
  • Updating your interiors with subtle hints or eye-popping pinks
  • Treating yourself to a delightfully pretty pink flower arrangement

Pink Flower Meanings 

In psychology, pink is considered a calming color that brings a sense of peace. It's also regarded as nurturing, perhaps because it's associated with femininity and motherhood. So it's no wonder it's a common theme for Mother's Day. While light, baby pink flowers evoke innocence and gentleness, brighter and bolder shades of pink are all about playfulness, optimism, and empowerment. 

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