SPF for Flowers? Here's How to Make Your Summer Bouquets Last Longer 

SPF for Flowers? Here's How to Make Your Summer Bouquets Last Longer 

We always get asked by customers about tips for keeping their flower arrangement’s freshness longer, especially in summertime when they noticeably wilt faster because of the scorching heat. If you can relate to this, check out these expert tips from our florists.

Choose a good location

Setting a chic floral bouquet in a stylish ceramic vase posed on the windowsill or a table nearby creates a romantic vignette that lends a certain charm. You love how the soft rays of light hit it in the early morning or how it gets a rosier tint in the afternoon. Flowers behind a window glass — that’s undeniably Instagram material.

Nevertheless, it’s something you want to skip in summer if you want to enjoy your florals longer. Outdated glass windows can reflect the heat from the sun’s rays from outside, which can get quite intense during high noon and scorching the delicate petals of your flowers. So, it’s better to put your flower arrangements in a shaded area away from direct heat sources, like windows and fireplaces. 

In photo: Dahlia Embrace, $229

Clean the vase and replace with fresh water

You feel more parched and super thirsty when it’s hot out, right? Well., your flowers feel the same. Replace the water in your floral vase at least every two days. The blooms will appreciate it better if it’s cold and refreshing. Clean the vase with gentle soap and scrub off any dirt to prevent growth of bad bacteria. While you’re at it, trim off the ends of stems diagonally and cut off wilting leaves or those at the bottom part to make sure they don’t get soaked in water. 

Choose cut flowers that are locally grown and in season

red dahlia

There are many summer-blooming flowers that are known for their staying power. But as a rule of thumb, we highly recommend asking your florist about what flowers are in season and sourced locoally because those didn’t sit in a cold freezer for days travelling, they’re less stressed and have more blooming days ahead. 

Some pretty summer flowers expected to last for up to more than a week indoors.

In photo: The Deity of Beauty, $185

Transporting Flowers Home

Are you picking up the flowers yourself from the florist? This time window is critical because it can dry out the stems quickly. Best bring a bucket filled with water and drive home as soon as you can. Avoid pitstops and leaving your flowers too long in the car, especially in a hot parking lot with the engine off. 

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