Flowers Make Elderly Happier, Study Reveals

Flowers Make Elderly Happier, Study Reveals

Aging gracefully and happily is easier than you think. In this article, we talk about how the remarkable effects of fresh flower arrangements in making older people happier, healthier, and sharper in mind, according to science.

The Rutgers Flower Study 

Rutgers University conducted a study involving 100 participants over 60 and divided them into two groups. The first test group was gifted flowers while the other did not during six months of the trial. Researchers found that regularly getting in touch with nature through beautiful flower bouquets delivered positive benefits to the elderly. Compared to their counterparts, those who frequently received floral bouquets were better at:

  • Reducing feelings of loneliness and depression.
  • Remembering personal memories vividly and performing cognitive tasks 
  • Creating meaningful connections and socializing more with old friends, neighbors, and caregivers

The senior-aged participants demonstrated the Duchenne smile, referred to as the "true" smile, linked to changes in brain chemistry and various psychophysiological indices.

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The More Bouquets, The Better

Interestingly, the research also suggests that those who received two bouquets may be happier than those who received only one. In addition, the authors noted that the positive socio-emotional effects are not only due to the surprise of the unexpected flower delivery, and it doesn't dissipate as they receive more flowers regularly. 

The elderly participants were so touched that they gave the delivery experimenters warm hugs and kisses, invited them to their homes for tea, and sent beautiful "Thank you" cards and letters expressing their gratitude for being part of the flower study. On the other hand, the authors said they have never experienced this effect in their further studies examining emotions.

When to Send Flowers to Older Loved Ones?

Aside from birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions, here are some holidays to inspire you treat your fave elderly person with a mesmerizing flower arrangement.

1. National Senior Citizen's Day (August 21)

Former US President Ronald Reagan proclaimed this date a holiday in 198 to bring awareness to the challenges older people face to achieve quality life. Gift old loved ones with a beautiful orchid plant to let them know you remember them.

2. Grandparents' Day (First Sunday after Labor Day)

    Grandparents Day is a national holiday made official by President Jimmy Carter in 1978. Cheer up your grandmother or grandfather with a cheerful flower arrangement with their favorite colors and an lovely note reminding them of how much you adore them.

    3. Veterans' Day (November 11)

      Do you know a military veteran? Honor their bravery and sacrifices with a bouquet of red and blue flowers or a succulent arrangement delivered to their doorstep on this federal holiday. 

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