Sweet Gestures to Make Long-Distance Relationships Last

Sweet Gestures to Make Long-Distance Relationships Last


Long-distance relationships can be challenging but not impossible. Due to lightning-fast communication and technology advancements, LDR love affairs have become less painful. These days you can see and talk to your partner from across the other side of the globe in real-time with video-sharing platforms like Facetime, Skype, or Zoom. No more growing desperate waiting for the local post to come through for months. 

Nevertheless, maintaining a long-distance relationship definitely needs more effort than constantly talking online. In this blog, we share some ideas for romantic gestures to make you and your partner forget the distance between you.

"Be There for Them" Through Flowers 

The biggest downside of being LDR lovers is you can't physically be there to celebrate or comfort your partner during life's ups and downs. Sometimes this can feel lonely and heartbreaking for either party involved. Surprising them with a flower delivery on their birthday, your anniversary, and other special occasions are heart-melting. But going the extra mile and sending beautiful bouquets when they least expect it will tug at their heartstrings even more. 

  • They told you they're feeling a little bit under the weather? Send them to get well flowers or a custom care package. 
  • Did you get into a terrible argument? Say you're sorry sincerely with apology flowers
  • Are they discouraged because they didn't get the promotion they've worked so hard for? Send them the brightest and most colorful flower arrangement to cheer them up.

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Beyond being beautiful, fresh flowers have that instant happy effect on their recipients. They're the best way to make your partner always feel that they're always "seen" and loved. It also lets them know that you cherish important dates and are a good listener, and empathize with them when things don't go their way, even if you're miles away. Don't forget to include love notes! 

Chic Flowers for Same-Day Delivery in Santa Monica

Want to take your LDR style to the next level? Let us help you surprise your sweetheart with a stunning orchid or flower arrangement from us. We have an extensive selection of exquisite orchids, chic floral arrangements, and luxe gift boxes to die for. We can also make custom arrangements and gifts for all occasions. Shop our flowers online, and we'll get them delivered to any address in Los Angeles, Orange County, or Santa Monica. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us for questions about long-distance relationship gift ideas and special delivery arrangements. Our friendly florists will be happy to assist you. 

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