Florist Diary: The Ultimate Guide to Spring Flowers

Florist Diary: The Ultimate Guide to Spring Flowers


Ask any of our florists about their favorite season, and it’s almost always a toss between spring and autumn. We love how they bring a diverse cast of floral characters in our workshop, each with a unique charm and story to tell.

As florists, springtime always feels like a floral new year for us. Being surrounded by stunning seasonal blooms in soft and dreamy pastel colors gives that unexplainable effect that inspires us to create and uplifts our moods instantly. This guide delves into the captivating world of spring flowers, from beloved classics to hidden gems.

Classic Spring Flowers 

Here’s a list of staple blooms for spring floral arrangements.

  • Tulips: These iconic symbols of spring come in a kaleidoscope of colors, from bold red and yellow to elegant bi-colors and even fringed varieties. Their elegant cups and tall stems make them popular as focal points for hand bouquets.
  • Daffodils: Often associated with hope and new beginnings, daffodils boast cheerful trumpet-shaped blooms in yellow, white, and orange. In China, they’re traditionally used during the Spring Festival and are believed to symbolize happiness and prosperity.
  • Hyacinths: Compact and colorful, hyacinths pack a fragrant punch and add texture and cheerfulness to any floral design. They bloom in white, red, yellow, pink, purple, orange, or green, giving you plenty of creative options.
  • Ranunculus: We love using Japanese and Persian ranunculus, more commonly known as buttercup ranunculus, because of their intricate petals and extensive color selection. Symbolizing romantic attraction, sending a flower arrangement with ranunculus is an adorable way of saying, “I am charmed by you,” or “I am under your spell.”

Dream Date

Sweet Additions to Your Spring Bouquets

  • Anemones: Bearing an uncanny resemblance to poppies, anemones bloom from spring through fall and come in different bold and beautiful colors, lending endless possibilities to florists. These springtime flowers were given as gifts to express love, desire, and anticipation during the Victorian times.

  • Freesia: A handful of freesia can make any spring floral arrangement unforgettable due to its refreshingly sweet fragrance. They bloom in springtime throughout summer and come in a rainbow of gorgeous colors, including red, lavender, yellow, purple, pink, white, mauve, cream, and orange. 
  • Protea: These head-turning flowers bloom from autumn to spring, so don’t be surprised to see them in showstopping floral designs. We love using queen protea, king protea, blushing bride protea, and pincushion protea because they can make anything beyond ordinary and lend it an almost sculptural quality. 
  • Limonium: These dainty, paper-like blooms are often used as filler flowers for many seasonal floral arrangements. Limoniums are also gaining popularity as monoflorals in vintage-themed designs.
  • Lilacs: They come in clusters of delicate purple, white, or lavender blooms. Lilacs can transform any spring bouquet into a sensory experience with their intoxicating fragrance. 
  • Dianthus Green Ball: These eccentric-looking, fuzzy balls of florals bloom in late spring to summer. Dianthus are an excellent way to introduce textural accents to whimsical floral arrangements. 

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