June Bride: How to Choose the Perfect Flowers for Your Wedding

June Bride: How to Choose the Perfect Flowers for Your Wedding

Your choice of flowers can make or break the mood and feel of any event, especially weddings. 

A bride’s greatest accessory, wedding flowers -- in this case, the bridal bouquet -- must be captivating, complementing but not upstaging the iconic white dress every girl dreams of wearing down the aisle. This is true for the rest of the entourage too – bridesmaids, maids of honor, matrons of honor, mother of the bride or groom, etc.

Flowers also make magnificent backdrops for the occasion. They dress up and conceal eyesores, turning ordinary churches and unphotogenic reception halls into picture-perfect settings in no time. Add fabulous floral tablescapes and centerpieces and you have an elegant and selfie-worthy wedding reception.

Today we share some of the best-kept secrets and no-nonsense tips in picking the right wedding flowers from a florist’s point of view. Let’s start.

1. Be friends with your florist.

 First of all, it’s important to establish that your florist becomes your number one ally in this scenario. Do your research for local florists in your area. Check out their online portfolio or social media accounts to see their works. Book someone professional but who's easy to get along with at the same time.

2. Speak your mind. 

Don’t hesitate to share what's your own ideas and ask the right questions. These include:

  • What flowers are in season for this month?
  • What flowers will stay fresh even after a four-hour wedding reception?
  • What flowers can we use within this specific budget range?
  • These are the flowers that I want. Can you assure me that they’d be available on my wedding day?

It will also be helpful if you have already chosen your wedding theme and colors and know what your working budget is for floral arrangements before meeting or booking your florist. Bring photo references for weddings you see online for pegs and inspirations. This way, your florist will have a visual perspective of what you want.

2. Opt for flowers that are in season. 

Aside from availability issues, it’s also cost-efficient to use flowers in season. Check out this guide:

  • Summer – hydrangeas, lisianthus, sunflowers, zinnias, cornflowers, snapdragons.
  • Spring – lily of the valley, hyacinth, peonies, tulips, daffodils.
  • Fall –calla lily, dahlia, mums, celosia.
  • Winter – protea, French tulips, amaryllis.

Don’t be intimidated by expensive flowers, as they’re more practical to use in some cases. Some high-profile flowers like orchids or peonies may cost more. However, in terms of the “oomph” factor or impact, these blooms are definitely worth every dime. 

Consider your location too. If you're exchanging vows in a sprawling garden or on the beach while waves are crashing near, then there's no need to be excessive on flowers. 

3. Explore and experiment.

As you know, flowers come in countless colors and in varying shades imaginable. This means your options are limitless. Have fun experimenting. By all means, mix and match different colors and flower variety as much as you please, as long as they won’t disappear in your bridesmaid’s dresses or look glum in photos.

Add creams and greens to peach blooms. You can also use your flowers as an accent. If your motif is more on the nude and neutral spectrum, go for hot pink or deep reds. These standout colors will add class and character to your photos.

For more ideas, scour the Internet for wedding inspirations. Instagram, Pinterest, and numerous wedding blogs will be at your beck and call with just a couple of keywords on the search engine. Or better yet, talk to your florist for an expert opinion.

Aside from stunning and sustainable floral arrangements, Orchid Republic also provides floral designs to special events – including weddings. For inquiries, shoot us an email (info@orchidrepublic.com) or give us a call (818-210-0418). We’d definitely love to hear from you.

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