3 Ways to Reincarnate Your Flower Arrangements When They Start Wilting

3 Ways to Reincarnate Your Flower Arrangements When They Start Wilting

After a week or two of relentlessly circling and hovering like a bee, comes the dreadful part: the gorgeous bunch of flowers on your favorite spot is starting to wilt and dry. But before you take them out as trash, let us show you how to easily and stylishly repurpose floral bouquets for your home. 


1. Pull off a shabby chic trick. 

Living in a time where old things are deemed to be class and charming, your once drop-dead and now actually-dead flowers fit the vintage style to a tee. Simply cut the stems, tie them with a lace ribbon to make them look more put together, put them in a classy glass or ceramic vase, and voila! A new home décor at no cost at all. Another tip is to put them inside clear glass bottles or jars and parade them on top of your shelves as an eye-catching display.

2. Let them linger a bit longer.

Some say that flowers are more fragrant once they're all dried up. What better way to remind you of that adorable bouquet your mi amore sent you than their amorous scent? Add them in candles, cleansers, sprays, or make your own potpourri too. There are various potpourri recipes online that you can try. We especially love the wholesome DIY potpourri recipes at Organic Authority.

3. Press and preserve flowers.

There are more precise and complex ways of pressing these days. But a simple but surefire way that you can try is to simply put the flowers on a piece of paper and tuck them inside a heavy book. Frame them as an artwork, use them as a bookmark, or send them along with letters and greeting cards.

Just a number of reasons why flowers are fab – and why there are no regrets in giving in to your flower fevers. To satisfy your floral pleasures, check out our fresh flower arrangements now.

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