How to Make Your Orchids Last

How to Make Your Orchids Last

Orchid arrangements make wonderful gifts and elegant home decor, too. Taking care and maintaining them is also fairly simple, a perfect fit for the busy bees. If you ordered orchids online from us or received an orchid plant as a present, there are several ways to preserve their beauty and long life.

Orchid Care Tips

Contrary to the popular notion that orchids are finicky and difficult to maintain, it's actually the opposite. Most orchid arrangements are designed to thrive even in the hands of the most novice orchid enthusiast.

Check out these easy orchid care tips for beginners.

1. Do not water your orchids every day.

As a rule of thumb, water a 4-inch pot every 4 to 6 days and a 6-inch pot every 7 to 10 days. 

2. Mind the water and room temperature.

Watering with very cold water can result in serious and long-term damage to your orchids.

3. Avoid exposure to intense heat or sunlight. 

Put your orchids near windows, behind curtains or blinds, and away from direct exposure to sunlight. To check if your orchid is getting sufficient light, check its leaf color. It should be bright green. Dark green leaves suggest insufficient light and yellow leaves indicate overexposure.

4. Do not repot your orchids unless necessary

It's to avoid messing up the aeration and the potting components. If you order orchids online from Orchid Republic, you're in luck because they contain optimal potting material for effortless upkeep and they do not need repotting for the foreseeable future. 

Got questions about orchid care? We'd love to hear from you. Send us a message, and let's talk about our mutual love for everything floral and beautiful. Don't forget to check out our Orchid Collection, too! 


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