What Type of Orchids to Give as Gifts

What Type of Orchids to Give as Gifts

There are tens of thousands of identified orchid species with names ranging from A to Z. All of which come with exquisite blooms in various sizes and in a wide array of colors, including different shades of pink, purple, red, white, yellow, orange, blue, and even green.

That being said, it can understandably be quite confusing to choose which type of orchid plant to give away as a gift. Why don't you start off with this list of our favorites?


Also known as moth orchids, phalaenopsis orchids are the epitome of elegance with their long, sturdy stems and large blooms. These orchids give the bang for your buck. They bloom once or twice a year and their flowers can last as long as two to three months.


Your busy bee of a friend, who’s always out and too busy saving the world, and the dendrobium orchids are a match made in heaven. One of the toughest of its kind, the dendrobium orchid requires little care and attention as they can tolerate low moisture and grow at different temperatures as well.


An excellent indoor plant, Cymbidium orchids, or boat orchids, can produce up to 30 flowers in a single spike, which can last even in winter until early springtime.


Miltonia orchids make instant air fresheners because of their pleasantly warm and refreshing fragrance.

    Other good choices include Lady’s Slipper, Cattleya, and Odontoglossum orchids. For more orchid and other floral gift ideas, check out our Orchid Collection.


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