Is It OK to Send Flowers Anonymously? 

Is It OK to Send Flowers Anonymously? 

Is sending flowers anonymously cute or creepy? The truth is the answer depends on many different factors and can only be directly answered by the recipient. Moreover, there's definitely a significant difference between sending hand bouquets secretly to someone you're in a long-term and loving relationship with and a stranger you barely know, or worse, a person who has repeatedly rejected you. 

When is it OK to send bouquets anonymously?

As far as proper flower delivery etiquette is concerned, sending floral arrangements with your name on the card will always be the gold standard. The recipient can call or email you to acknowledge and thank you for your kind gesture. Your intentions are clear, and there's no doubt whether you're being sweet or stalker-ish.

Perhaps the only time an anonymous flower gift is acceptable is:

  • If you'll use a code name that the recipient would recognize
  • If you'll write an inside joke or phrase that would make the recipient smile and connect with you  
  • If you're trying to keep the fire burning with a long-term relationship and want to play it mysterious 
  • If you know the recipient well and you know for sure that they won't see it as something creepy or awkward
  • If you're confident that the recipient will not be put on the spot and embarrassed if you're sending flowers to their workplace 

Can a florist tell you who sent the flowers?

Typically, most florists cannot divulge customers' personal information or contact details, except in cases of legal or police-related inquiries.

However, we have the right to refuse or decline succeeding orders if we receive complaints of harassment or stalking from intended recipients. Orchid Republic respects everyone's privacy and choices and, therefore, condones and discourages such acts that can make anyone feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

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