Flowers for Friends: How to Celebrate International Friendship Day

Flowers for Friends: How to Celebrate International Friendship Day


Friends are chosen family. The best ones stick with you through thick and thin and add a dozen more reasons that make life worth living. So no wonder they’ve got their own holiday dedicated to celebrating their awesomeness in our lives. In this blog, we talk about International Friendship Day, exciting ideas to celebrate it, and our top picks for the prettiest flowers to send friends.

International Day of Friendship

The celebration of International Friendship Day or World Friendship Day was declared and initiated by the United Nations General Assembly or UN. It was first introduced on July 30, 2011 “with the “idea that friendship between peoples, countries, cultures, and individuals can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities.”

The Prettiest Flowers to Send Friends

In flower meanings, yellow is the ultimate color that represents friendship and happiness. Nevertheless, mixed floral arrangements in sweet pastel or bright and eye-popping hues make fitting gifts for celebrating and appreciating friends. 

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How to Celebrate with Friendship Day

  • Go for a quick coffee and cupcake date.
  • Plan a weekend getaway together.
  • Catch up online through Facebook or Zoom if you have an LDR situation with them.
  • Surprise them with a flower delivery.
  • Have a spa party together.
  • Go flower shopping.
  • Spend the weekend exploring the beautiful flower gardens in Los Angeles.
  • Do an activity you used to enjoy when you were younger but became super busy to do together — i.e., clubbing, hiking mountains, or traveling.

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