How to Upgrade your Bathroom with Flowers and Plants

How to Upgrade your Bathroom with Flowers and Plants

Your bathroom is one of the most private spaces in your home. Nevertheless, no rule says you can't make it pretty. And who says you have to break the bank to beautify a boring, old bathroom? Elevate your toilet and bath experience without expensive remodeling by incorporating fresh flowers and plants in your interiors.

Check out these designer-approved ways for ideas. 

Put orchid plants on the counter or edge of the bath

Hotels and spa bathrooms are always decorated with beautiful orchid arrangements because they are effortlessly elegant but incredibly low-maintenance. As tropical plants, some orchid varieties can thrive even inside your bathroom because of their high-humidity environment, especially if you put them near a window where they can access plenty of natural light. 

Place a vase of fresh flowers 

Order a lovely floral arrangement and give them a spot near the mirror that can reflect their beauty. Imagine, how you'll instantly be more inspire to do your makeup or skincare routines beside stunning flowers. 

Make relaxing flower baths

Luxurious flower baths can give your bathroom a spa-like aesthetic and experience. Repurpose blooms from hand bouquets, gather wildflowers from your garden, or buy dried flower bath petals. Draw your bath and add Epsom salt and essential oils. Layer with your favorite flowers on top. Flower baths are known to calm your senses, ease muscle aches and tension, stress and anxiety, and detoxify impurities from the body. Aside from making you feel good, flower baths are also Instagram-worthy!

Use a floral wallpaper 

Look forward to taking a shower in the morning in your blooming bathroom. There are so many peel-and-stick wallpapers to choose from that won't put your security deposit at risk if you're living in a rental and that are quick to remove if you grow tired of the design and want to shake things up.

Create a tropical-themed bath by adding different types of plants  

Spruce up your bathroom by adding assorted potted plants. Aside from brightening up your bathroom, houseplants can also purify indoor air quality by filtering toxins. We highly recommend starting off with fuss-free beauties like the Sansevieria or snake plant, which has a reputation for surviving even in dimly lit spaces and have minimal watering needs. 


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