5 Most Thoughtful Thank You Gifts

5 Most Thoughtful Thank You Gifts


Acts of kindness, whether big or small, deserve recognition and appreciation. It could be your parents for seeing you through college, your BFF who was your rock while you were going through a rough patch, a mentor who generously shared their wit and wisdom to help you navigate your career, or a next-door neighbor who offered to watch and walk your dog when you were sick or on vacation.

Thank you cards are polite but gorgeous gifts to express gratitude can make a world of difference. Show them how much their kindness means to you with these incredibly thoughtful thank you gift ideas.

Thank You Flowers  

In photo: The Yellow Submarine, $75

Flowers are the perfect gifts for all occasions and situations. A thank you bouquet will never go out of style and will surely bring a smile to their face as fresh flowers are proven to have a positive effect on their recipients' moods. 

Orchid Plant

In photo: Pink Orchid Paradise, $155

Want to give away flowers for your thank you gift but want them to last longer? Give them a beautiful orchid plant. They are irresistibly pretty and reasonably easy to maintain, making them a fitting present for anyone.

A Box of Chocolates 

In photo: Bliss, $275

Edibles are another excellent idea for thank you gifts. Baked goodies like a box of cupcakes or premium chocolates are decadently delicious; they'll be too hard to resist. If you're torn between giving flowers and chocolates, give recipients of your thank you gifts the best of both worlds with a custom gift box.

A Bottle of Wine 

In photo: Beauty and Bubbly, $299

Celebrate kindness and meaningful connections by gifting them a bottle of fine wine or bubbly. If you're hoping to forge a long-lasting friendship with the recipient, there's a good chance you'll be invited over for dinner or a nightcap.

Succulents or Indoor Plant

In photo: Succulents Surprise, $115

Plants are living gifts that come with many fantastic benefits. Beyond being super Instagram-worthy, they can act as natural air purifiers and boost your emotional and mental health and well-being, among others. Succulents make great tabletop centerpieces, while tall, sculptural houseplants like Sansrevaria or snake plants and peace lily are the best at brightening dark corners and hallways. 


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