20 Flowering Indoor Plants for Your Home

20  Flowering Indoor Plants for Your Home

See your home in full bloom with gorgeous indoor plants that are easy to maintain, and with some, flowering all year round.


African Violets

African violets are almost always on the top of the list when it comes to flowering indoor plants. These twins of violets have a thousand cultivars that give you options when it comes to flower colors. As if they’re dark, velvety foliage is not enough reason to hoard them, African violets also bloom in lavenders, blues, pinks, reds, and white, with some blooms combining two or more colors.

African violets are best put in light-flooded windows most of the day. Rotate the pot every now and then so the entire plant gets sunshine evenly. As with any indoor plant, water only when topsoil is dry. Overwatering and underwatering are both detrimental to your houseplant. Track how many days it gets the soil to dry and create a watering schedule out of it.


A tropical shrub that almost grows as vigorously as a weed in outdoor settings, hibiscus also make an ideal ornamental plant indoors. With large, wonderful, trumpet-shaped flowers in pink, red, orange, peach, yellow, or purple that can be as big as eight inches in diameter, hibiscus can also be trained as an indoor tree.

Scented Geranium

Not as easy to maintain but definitely worth having around the home. Scented geraniums have dainty flowers and sweet-smelling leaves that’ll really draw you in. A lovely patio or balcony plant, scented geraniums can also be happy in any sunny spot around the house.


The oxalis is a stylish indoor plant that captivates with its deep, dark purple leaves and white or pink flowers. This perennial ornamental plant is native to southern Africa and South America.

Orchid Plants

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If you’re looking for show-stopping flowers with minimum effort, we highly recommend orchids. Their delicate looks may intimidate the budding gardener, but believe it or not, orchid plants are robust indoor plants that can forgive occasional neglect.

The secret to successfully growing orchids indoors lies in choosing the right type that can tolerate or thrive given the conditions of your home and your lifestyle. Phalaenopsis orchids, Cattleya orchids, Dendrobium orchids, Oncidium orchids, and Ludisia orchids are just some orchid types that can thrive beautifully indoors.

For a complete guide on how to keep orchids as a houseplant, read Orchid Care: How to Maintain Your Orchids Indoors.


Bromeliads bring an exotic flair with their long, vibrant leaves and bright flowers that remind you of sweet pineapples. These unique indoor plants provide long-lasting flowers in different shades of pink, red, orange, and yellow. As a tropical plant, bromeliads can tolerate various light conditions, but most have seen better health in bright, indirect light. Experts suggest not using metal containers when watering this houseplant as it reacts negatively to it.

Peace Lily

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Elegant with its broad dark green foliage and white flowers that resemble anthuriums, you’ll probably end up with a pot of peace lily to jazz up every corner of your home.

This indoor plant is a rock star when it comes to getting rid of the big five indoor air pollutants: trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, and ammonia. These chemicals are sucked, absorbed, and broken down on to leaves and the topsoil of the plant. A pot or two of these lovely flowering plants also boosts moisture in the air.

An ideal and dainty houseplant, peace lily requires minimum care and maintenance. They can tolerate moderate to low levels of light, although those exposed to bright indirect light will bloom more often.

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A flowering plant that blooms in the winter and brings a mysteriously pleasant scent at night, the jasmine plant is full of surprises. Put it in a spot where it can get as much as four hours of sun every day to keep it happy.


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A cousin to the popular jade plants, Kalanchoe is a charming tropical succulent that is fast becoming a favorite indoor flowering plant. It blooms in vivacious orange, red, yellow, and white that lasts for many months and can grow up to 12 inches in height. Kalanchoe is a sucker for bright light. Make sure it’s indirect or the leaves and flowers will burn.


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Begonias were originally considered outdoor plants until perhaps one brave heart brought them inside where they bloomed even better. These perennial flowering plants bloom all year round and come in dainty colors, such as red, white, and pink with variegated leaves in fresh green or bronze.  

For starters, you can try beginner-friendly varieties, such as wax begonia, Rieger begonia, and angel-wing begonia. Put them somewhere bright and sunny. Water only when the topsoil is dry.

Crown of Thorns

Otherwise known as Christ plant, Christ thorn, or Tu y Yo in Latin America, this indoor plant is amazing with is fuss-free attitude and prolific flowering.  Because the Crown of Thorns plant is a flowering succulent, it thrives in ample amount of sunshine and has low watering needs.

Christmas Cactus

Another indoor plant that’ll spread holiday cheers around your home. The Christmas cactus is a classic houseplant that blooms in festive shades of red, pink, white, or orange.


Gardenia plants are a popular choice for bedroom flowering plants. Interestingly, research suggests that these charming white blooms work like valium, a prescription drug that provides short-term relief from anxiety when it comes to calming one’s nerves and encouraging sleepiness.

Gardenia is undeniably the greenest, healthiest remedy if you’re suffering from insomnia or anxiety-related disorders.

The only downside is that gardenias require a bit of meticulous maintenance. Like orchid plants, they need sunlight but not directly.



This tall flower bulb is extremely popular during the holiday season as well. Amaryllis comes in different colors, such as white, orange, pink. They can also be of solid color, speckled, or striped. Nevertheless, there is greater demand for red amaryllis during the Christmas season. Some of the most sought-after amaryllis varieties include the Red Velvet, Picotee, Papillio Butterfly, and Misty.


Anthuriums are so beautiful some people think they’re artificial! A large flowering plant genus, anthuriums bloom in a rainbow of colors, including orange, red, purple, pink, yellow, and even black. However, the anthurium variety that’s mostly grown as an indoor plant may be limited to classic red, white, and pink with a tinge of green sometimes.


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Lavender’s sought-after benefits include reducing stress and anxiety and enhancing the quality of sleep. As a matter of fact, a study has shown that the scent of lavender effectively helps young babies to calm down and hush from crying.

A lavender plant is believed to be more potent than dried lavender leaves, which you can usually buy in sachets, as it has a stronger scent. Because lavender need sun to thrive, put them near your bedroom window that gets flooded with sunlight.


Clivia is a genus of flowering plants native to South Africa. These exotic beauty flowers with orange, red or yellow blooms usually in February or March, after it’s been through weeks of cool and dry conditions.  The older it gets, the prettier clivia flowers become.


The iconic Christmas flower, a potted poinsettia is an absolute must-have in your indoor garden. Choose from festive red or elegant white flowers. The poinsettia is a tropical plant, and therefore, prefers ample light and warmth.

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Flowering Maple

The flowering maple is a pretty houseplant that blooms with delicate flowers in red, pink, orange, or yellow that hangs like charming crepe-paper flowers or lanterns. It can be grown as an indoor tree, a shrub, or a hanging plant.

Cape primrose

Otherwise known as streptocarpus, the Cape primrose blooms almost without a pause when given what it needs. It has hundreds of beautiful hybrids that bloom in pink, white, purple, or red flowers, with matching white or yellow throats.


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