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7 Christmas Flowers and Plants for an Enchanting Indoor Garden This Holiday

Flowers For All Seasons


Attention proud plant parents and self-confessed crazy plant person. Here’s another reason to shop, adopt, and hoard more pots this Yuletide season. Your south-facing windows will look merry and bright with pots adorable Christmas flowers and plants.

Christmas Cactus

Scientifically, it’s officially known as Schlumbergera bridgessii, but we might as well call it the cactus for special occasions. Aside from being tagged as the Christmas cactus, this winter-flowering succulent also goes by the names, Thanksgiving cactus and Easter cactus.

The Christmas cactus yields gorgeous white, pink, red or purple flowers. An ideal indoor plant, it can adapt effortlessly to a low-light environment, but thrives and blooms better when exposed to ample amount of sunshine. Although it hates direct sunlight, which can burn its leaves and flowers easily.

For this cactus, moisture is crucial. Always do a soil check by poking your finger to see if it’s parched. Water sufficiently and frequently, or whenever necessary.


Azaleas are another houseplant that will surely spread lots of Christmas cheer into your space. The evergreen shrub gives birth to bright red flowers during the winter months until the beginning of spring time. Christmas azaleas, as any indoor plant, are not a fan of direct sunlight and prefer shady areas. They like it cold, nothing beyond 68 degrees Fahrenheit, which is fine if you have air-conditioning at home or in the office.




Christmas Queen

Orchid plants are on the Royal Horticultural Society’s list of top five Christmas houseplants.

A popular choice for an indoor plant, orchids, specifically phalaenopsis and cymbidiums, do well inside offices and homes and only require a little amount of maintenance from time to time. Plus, you can enjoy their flowers for as long as three months and for as much as three times a year, too.

For Christmas, deep, jewel-toned orchids, such as purple, pink, red, and burgundy look fabulously festive. Orchid plants with white and green blooms, on the other hand, are also perfect for White Christmas themes and for that clean, chic, and modern kind of vibe.


Cyclamen is a gorgeous houseplant to keep at home during the holiday season. With its incredibly shaped, upswept flowers that come in white, pink, purple, and of course, the crowd-favorite during Christmas time, red.


Amaryllis are as ubiquitous as its identical twin, the poinsettia, these days. With its luxe bell-shaped flowers that come in vibrant red, this tropical indoor plant loves a flood of sunshine in the morning, but not directly, of course.

According to expert florists, after the flowers have disappeared, simply put your amaryllis plant somewhere dark and cold around the house, and it might rebloom again after quite some time.


Poinsettia| Promise 

The poinsettia plant comes in a wide array of elegant colors, including the traditional red, white, pink, burgundy, marbled, and speckled. Red poinsettias are actually green at first. Experts say the color change takes at least eight weeks. Prestige Red is one of the most bestselling hybrids of the poinsettia flower.

Poinsettia care is easy. They like it warm, so put them near windows, but again, shielded from direct sunlight. Make sure their leaves or petals don’t touch cold windows, as it can cause wilting.

Potted Herbs

Many people are starting, growing, collecting, and building their own herb garden at home. Aside from their good looks and pleasant aroma, it’s super practical to be able to snip off a few leaves of rosemary, thyme, or whatever herb you need from your own pots to make your meals more delicious, right?

If you already have your own collection of potted herbs, why not make a little holiday twist into the mix by tying red ribbons around each pot or jar, or a string of lights perhaps around the window sill to accentuate them.

Heaven Sent

Heaven Sent

poise white orchids


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Handwrap Honey

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