Beautiful Christmas Gift Ideas Under $99 That Doesn’t Break The Bank

Beautiful Christmas Gift Ideas Under $99 That Doesn’t Break The Bank


Shopping for Christmas gifts can be nerve-wracking. There’s traffic, the long line at the mall, thinking of thoughtful gifts for everyone on your list, and last but not the least, sticking to your budget.

That’s probably the hardest hurdle for most of us. Agree?

Of course, we want to be the frugal person that we are (or that we wish we could be) even on Christmas, but we also don’t want to look like a cold cheapskate by giving away generic, thoughtless presents to our friends, family, clients, and colleagues. We only want our tags attached to pretty things, right?

Lucky you, we at Orchid Republic have rounded up beautiful Christmas gift ideas for only $99 or less. Check them out.

Orchid Plants

For people you want to wow and impress – your boss, wife, mother-in-law-, big-shot client – we absolutely recommend our exquisite single-spike orchid plants. You can never go wrong with orchids because not only are they utterly stunning, but they’re also allergen-free, easy to take care of, and represent all the good things the world knows about, as far as history is concerned.

Choose from our colorful selection of single-stemmed phalaenopsis orchids, cattleya orchids, and lady’s slipper orchids.  Learn more about Why Orchids Are the Perfect Presents for All Occasions.

Lavender Plants

At less than $50 a piece, our charming lavender flowering plants deserve a spot here. Planted in terra cotta pot or in a wooden box for that rustic chic feel, our sweet-smelling lavenders guarantee a smile. Aside from exuding happy vibes, these tiny purple flowers are regarded for their stress-busting and sleep-inducing properties. It makes a practical gift for hardworking friends, colleagues, or even yourself.


If you want a more gender-neutral gift, succulents are your savior. Succulents are a major hit to people getting into micro-, container, and indoor gardening. They make stylish centerpieces and can be super addicting to collect, too!

Like other plants, succulents release oxygen and promote a healthy physical and emotional well-being, so it’s a good gift for anyone who’s going through tough times as well. Read about the beneficial effects of succulents here.

Hand Bouquets

For your special one, whether it’s your significant other or your mother, take your pick from our special hand bouquets. We have bunches of roses, tulips, lisianthus, dahlias, and hydrangeas delicately wrapped by hand in the prettiest papers, laces, and twines.

Custom Flower Arrangements

Didn’t fancy anything from our designs? Have something specific in mind? Try our custom arrangements. All our custom arrangements start at reasonable rates – for as low as $50 for a flower arrangement – but can also go higher for more upscale designs. Find out more about the complete details of our custom arrangements.  

Personal Santa Service 

The best part of it all is that we can be your personal Santa Claus, too!

We’ll deliver your Orchid Republic presents – no matter how many – straight to your loved ones' homes, anywhere around Los Angeles and Orange County area. Just like Santa but minus the reindeers and the hohoho.

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