5 Christmas Flowers and Plants to Love Aside from Poinsettia

5 Christmas Flowers and Plants to Love Aside from Poinsettia

While poinsettia is traditionally known as the Christmas flower, there are other plants and flowers worthy of such title for they are also at their most beautiful during the holiday season.


    Granted hollies can’t be bought as an individual plant in most shops. However, almost every Christmas flower arrangement and decoration come with the charming red berries and foliage of a female holly during the holiday season. However, growing your own holly bush is doable too.


    Mistletoes are typically seen as a hanging holiday decor during Christmas time, where they say one could steal a kiss from you if you two are ever caught under it. This notion about the mistletoe can be associated to the Scandinavians who consider it a plant of peace. According to folk tales, mistletoe served as a peace offering or a symbol of truce between enemies or quarreling husband and wives. 

    Apparently, mistletoes aren’t plants but hard to get rid of parasites that thrive on trees, shrubs, and other plants. Also known as birdlime, all-heal, golden bough, drudenfuss, iscador, and devil's fuge, mistletoe is actually poisonous, so you might want to think twice next time you see one.

    Christmas Cactus

    Naturally blooming during Christmas time, the Christmas cactus has gorgeous flowers that can go from red, white, pink, cream, and fuchsia. Known for their long life, a healthy Christmas cactus can unbelievably last and bloom up to 30 Christmases!


    This tall flower bulb is extremely popular during the holiday season as well. Amaryllis comes in different colors, such as white, orange, pink. They can also be of solid color, speckled, or striped. Nevertheless, there is greater demand for red amaryllis during the Christmas season. Some of the most sought-after amaryllis varieties include the Red Velvet, Picotee, Papillio Butterfly, and Misty.

    Christmas Tree

    What kind of Christmas would it be without a Christmas tree? The most common trees used for this purposes include Douglas, balsam fir, Fraser fir, Scotch pine, white pine, white spruce, Norway spruce, and blue spruce.

    In other parts of the world, many different flower varieties thrive during the holiday season too – including the paperwhite narcissi, Clematis cirrhosa or “Freckles”, Helleborus niger, and the Mary Barnard iris.

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