Big and Beautiful Indoor Trees for Instant Jungle Chic Vibes at Home

Big and Beautiful Indoor Trees for Instant Jungle Chic Vibes at Home

Check out these good-looking houseplants that you can grow as indoor trees.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Botanically known as the Ficus lyrata, the fiddle leaf fig is one of the trendiest indoor plants these days. With its deeply veined leaves with a gorgeous green color and statuesque look, this houseplant can do wonders for your space. This is why it’s not surprising to see a lot of faux fiddle leaf fig trees sold online or at home and garden centers.

In the wild, a typical fiddle leaf fig tree can go beyond 40 feet in height. When grown as an indoor plant, be sure to have it planted in a big, floor-standing pot where it has ample of space to grow up to 6 feet or taller.

F. lyrata is a tropical tree that’s used to warm and wet conditions in the jungle. A reason why it can be quite finicky to maintain if you’re living in a colder region. Luckily, growing a fiddle leaf fig in Los Angeles is a lot easier.

  • Give it ample amount of light. Note that this indoor tree will thrive when put in the brightest area around your home and deteriorate when kept in a dark, gloomy corner.
  • Water only when the topsoil is dry. Observe how long it takes for the soil to feel dry in between waterings and use it to determine a regular watering schedule.
  • Clean the leaves with a wet, cotton rag. The fiddle leaf fig has broad leaves that can be quite a magnet for dust, which can hinder light and mess up photosynthesis, plant’s food making process.

Rubber Tree

Another stunning member of the Ficus plant family, Ficus elastica, or otherwise called the rubber tree, makes a bold and beautiful statement. Its oval-shaped, glossy, and dark green foliage creates drama and a pretty pop of color against any background.

In the tropical forests of India and Southeast Asia, a rubber tree can go up to a towering 50 to 100 feet in height. This is why any version of this tree grown indoors can be fairly called a miniature even if it reaches its maximum 6 feet.

  • Place your rubber tree in a south-facing, light-flooded window. It just loves loads of bright indirect light every day. In low-light conditions, this indoor plant will become leggy in search of sunlight.
  • Feed with a weak, balanced plant fertilizer in liquid form during growing season.
  • Stick to a regular watering schedule. Your rubber tree can die on you when it’s parched dry.

There are many choices out there but our favorite rubber tree variety is the F. elastic ‘Decora' cultivar because it has that unique hint of hint reddish, bronze hues on its leaves.

Money Tree

Pachira aquatica, more popularly called as the money tree, usually grows up to 60 feet tall in its natural habitat and doesn’t have a braided trunk. But in an indoor setting, it can only go as high as 7 feet.

It’s a lush, lovely, and not to mention a lucky houseplant, or so they say. A staple in traditional feng shui practices, the money plant is believed to enhance positive vibes and encourage the continuous flow of wealth, happiness, and good health.

While there are no guarantees that a feng shui money tree will bring great fortune, it is still one of our favorite houseplants because of its beauty and fuss-free nature. A few tips for successfully growing a money tree at home:

  • Put your money tree in a spot with bright, indirect light. While they say it can tolerate low-lighting condition, this indoor tree will grow better when it’s allowed to sufficient light. However, direct sun exposure may put it at risk of leaf burns.
  • Provide it with light to moderate humidity. Place a humidifier nearby or create your own by filling a shallow tray with rocks or pebbles with water on top. Put your plant on top of it.
  • Do not overwater. Despite being a tropical plant, the money tree hates a soggy soil. Water only when the topsoil is dry.
  • Do not put your money tree in your bathroom. If you’re after its feng shui qualities, experts advise against this, although your bathroom might give it the humidity it wants.

If you want indoor plants in your office, restaurant, or any type of place of business, the money tree should absolutely be on your list.



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