25 Types of Pink Flowers and Their Meaning

25 Types of Pink Flowers and Their Meaning


 pink flower meaning

Pink is undeniably a gorgeous color.

It is interesting because it comes with a whole gamut of thought-provoking, and sometimes, contrasting meanings. For instance, in its lightest shade, pink, which is sometimes called blush or baby pink, appear delicate, soft, and gentle. On the other hand, set pink a couple of shades stronger, which can be fuchsia, magenta, or hot pink, and it becomes a symbol of power, strength, passion, and romance.

Pink Flower Meanings

In the unspoken language of flowers, the color pink is often used to convey a variety of messages. According to Flower Meaning, people have known the beauty of pink flowers and the equally beautiful things they represent as early as the Victorian times and ancient Asian civilizations.

Here are some fascinating pink flower meanings:

  • Pink camellias are a charming way to tell someone how much you missed them.
  • A pink carnation is a subtle way to say “I will never forget you.”
  • The signal that spring has finally arrived, pink cherry blossoms also stand for freshness and the cycle of life.
  • A pink lotus flower represents the historical legends of Buddha.
  • Despite their cheerfulness, some Asian cultures associate pink chrysanthemums to funerals.
  • Delicate pink orchids embody a lady’s beauty, femininity, and grace.
  • Pink roses are all about sweetness, admiration, adoration, and love.
  • Hot pink tulips stand for life and passion for living it.
  • Blush pink hyacinths represent playfulness and happiness.

On top of all these positive meanings, our favorite is self-love.  Yes, apparently, pink flowers, which in general represent romance, also stand for love for one’s self – which, by the way, is super important! The next time you’re feeling out of sorts, go ahead and show yourself some affection by ordering a stunning pink flower arrangement!

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The Bardot

The Bardot

Romeo and Juliet orchids

Romeo and Juliet

Mystique Peonies

Mystique Peonies

Popular Types of Pink Flowers

Because of all those wonderful flower meanings, it’s no wonder why pink flowers are a common choice for special occasions, especially for weddings.

Whether you’re in search for the perfect pink blooms to grace your wedding flower arrangements or you’re just obsessed with pretty pink flowers, this is for you. We’ll roll out the list our favorite pink flowers of all time. Most of these pink flowers weren’t mentioned above. Check out their flower meaning here, too.

  1. Peonies – Pink peonies are the official 12th wedding anniversary flowers. They are known to symbolize a happy marriage and prosperity.
  2. Carnation – A pink carnation is said to represent a mother’s undying love, which is why it’s a common staple in many Mother’s Day flower arrangements.
  3. Clematis – A pink clematis stands for humility.
  4. Dahlia – A dainty pink dahlia stands for elegance, dignity, and a long-lasting commitment
  5. Hibiscus – In North America, a pink hibiscus represents the perfect wife.
  6. Camellia – A pink camellia means “I miss you.”
  7. Hydrangea – A pink hydrangea represents one’s true feelings.
  8. Stargazer – A pink stargazer lily stands for good fortune.
  9. Tulips – Pink tulips symbolize confidence and happiness.
  10. Astilbe – With its intricate fern-like foliage, pink astilbe adds texture to any flower arrangement. A famous flower meaning for it is “I will be waiting for you.”
  11. Azalea – A deep pink azalea stands for passion.
  12. Ranunculus – From a particular legend, a pink ranunculus actually says “I am charmed by you.”
  13. Lisianthus – A baby pink lisianthus symbolizes a new mother or a young girl.
  14. Anemone – A pink anemone stands for unrequited love or a love that’s taken for granted.
  15. Rose – Pink roses are all about sweetness, admiration, adoration, and love.
  16. Cherry Blossoms – Pink cherry blossoms represent springtime and beautiful beginnings.
  17. Snapdragons – This long flower stands for grace under pressure or inner strength.
  18. Calla Lily – A pink calla lily represents adoration and flirtation.
  19. Alstroemeria – Pink alstroemeria means friendly warmth and affection.
  20. Cosmos – A pink cosmos flower means young beauty.
  21. Veronica – A delicate pink Veronica flower is perfect for weddings and baby showers.
  22. Lotus – A pink lotus flower represents the historical legends of Buddha.
  23. Hyacinth – Blush pink hyacinths represent playfulness and happiness.
  24. Chrysanthemums – Pink chrysanthemums mean death in Asian cultures.
  25. Orchids –Pink orchids represent love and a woman’s beauty. Striking pink orchids include phalaenopsis orchids, cymbidium orchids, and lady slipper orchids. 
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