The Most Beautiful Types of Burgundy Flowers

The Most Beautiful Types of Burgundy Flowers

Deep, dark, luxurious, and packs a whole lot of drama! Burgundy flower arrangements are the bomb for the fall and winter season. Check out our top picks for burgundy blooms.

Burgundy Flower Meaning

Inspired by and named after the sweet fine wines sourced from the eastern region of France, Burgundy is both mesmerizing and mysterious. It’s a deeper and darker kind of maroon with higher levels of purple with brown undertones. There are some types of black flowers that are, in fact, burgundy when you take a closer look at it against sunlight. These flowers also tend to have a much darker color when grown in regions with cooler climates. 


In the language of flowers, burgundy blooms can mean luxury, sophistication, seduction, passion, and confidence. Whether for weddings or centerpieces, burgundy flowers are an excellent choice. Mix them with peach, blush, pops of red, and minty hues for a romantic flower arrangement or with more burgundy, maroon, dusty rose, and olive or emerald green colors for an elegant jewel-toned color palette. For festive fall tablescapes for Thanksgiving, burgundy flowers go best when arranged or spread on the table with apples, berries, and other fall fruits. 



In photo: Dahlia 'Karma Choc'

Dahlias have some of the most swoon-worthy burgundy-colored blooms. There are loads of choices from the iconic Black Dahlia, Dahlia ‘Karma Choc,’ Dahlia ‘Nuit d’Ete’, Dahlia ‘Rip City’, and  Dahlia ‘Arabian Nights’. Almost black in the center, these burgundy dahlia varieties flaunt showy blooms in a deep, devilish hue. 



In photo 'Burgundy Iceberg' Rose

The options are amazing when it comes to rose flower arrangements. There's the shrub type of rose 'Burgundy Iceberg' Roses from the Floribunda class, which is a classy and sexy kind of wine hue.  

There's also the Black Magic Rose, a hybrid tea rose bred from the climbing rose ‘Guinee,” which was introduced into the floral trade in 1997 by Rosen Tantau, a successful rose breeding company from Germany.  At first, the Black Magic rose will produce black buds but once it opens up and blooms fully, the petals turn into a gorgeous rouge.

On the other hand, the Black Bacarra rose is probably the most legit of all with its velvety burgundy with a tinge of black petals, which are usually darker in colder regions. This tea rose hybrid also boasts of semi-glossy moss green foliage covering its long stems, which adds elegance when it’s used in cut floral arrangements.  It was bred by Meilland Richardier of France.



Being immensely diverse with over hundreds of genera and a thousand of species, orchids offer a breathtaking selection of velvety naturally burgundy flowering varieties. We’ve seen stunning Phalaenopsis, Cymbidiums, and Dendrobium orchids in this stand out color used in impressive orchid arrangements and tablescapes for fall and winter weddings and other special occasions. 

Calla Lily


In photo: Calla Lily 'Dreamland'

Calla Lily flower arrangements are already the epitome of class and style on their own, regardless of the flower color. Burgundy calla lilies, however, take sophistication to a whole new level. Waxy flowers in a perfect cone shape in seductively sweet wine hue, calla lilies in burgundy are good to go as a monofloral arrangement or as pops of pretty in a mixed piece. Our favorite varieties are Calla Lily 'Dreamland', Calla Lily 'Night Cap' and Calla Lily 'Odessa', which are almost black in color. 



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