Black Succulents for Halloween

Black Succulents for Halloween

The autumn season ushers in the last quarter of the year and that means all the festive occasions are quickly rolling in, too. And if you love Halloween as much as we do, we bet you will absolutely adore having bold and black succulent arrangements around the home.

Black succulents make a powerful contrast set against classic white or bright-hued pumpkins or added as a captivating accent to fall flower arrangements. They are stunning, sustainable (yes, you can propagate the cuttings), and just the right amount of spooky keeping in theme with Halloween.

Trust us, these beautiful black succulents are the ultimate Halloween decorating trend we should all get on board with. Check out our list to see what we are talking about. 


Botanically called Aeonium arboreum, Zwartkop is also dubbed as the “black rose.” This attractive succulent is a mix of burgundy and black. It is an evergreen succulent with large, fleshy rosettes. 

Black Prince 

A gorgeous Echeveria succulent variety, the Black Prince is a rosette-flowering plant with thick, waxy, and black leaves. They will appear green in the beginning but will transform into dark burgundy and almost black as they mature. 

Black Knight 

Another equally exquisite contender is the Black Knight Echeveria variety. Deep, mossy green at first glance, these succulents go darker in the long run with red at the tips of the leaves. In the summer, the Black Knight also blooms with charming red flower buds.   

Halloween Ideas with Black Succulents 

Pinterest and Instagram are loaded with awesome ideas that are worth trying out. We have seen scary but kind of stylish skull planters with the black flower-forming succulents blooming out from the top of the head or the eyes. The trick is to keep the succulent plant in little pots, which can be neatly hidden in the decorative planter, so you can easily transfer them in the garden or outside for a bit of sunshine or after Halloween. 

How to Propagate Black Succulents

An added boon when you use succulents as part of your autumn tablescapes or flower arrangements for any season is that you can actually propagate them with their leaf cuttings. Leaf-cutting is an effortless way to multiply your succulent family. This propagation technique is especially applicable to Echeveria succulents with mature fleshy leaves that you can snap off from the base cleanly. 

  • Using a clean, sharp knife or even just your bare hands, take matured leaves from the succulent parent. Do your best to make a clean cut and avoid damaging the leaves as much as possible.
  • Wait for your leaf cutting to dry and callous. This can take more or less a week.
  • Put the leaves on top of the soil. Do not replant them just yet.
  • Mist with clean water every other day, specifically at times when the soil is parched and dry.
  • After a couple of more weeks, you’ll see that some, not all, of the leaf cuttings will display new sprouts at the spot where they’ve been cut.
  • Plant the promising new baby succulent, with the source leaf buried into the soil. And voila! A new succulent at no additional cost at all.





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