Marie Kondo: "Live in the Moment" with Flowers

Marie Kondo: "Live in the Moment" with Flowers

Marie Kondo has taken us by storm with her phenomenally life-changing KonMari method, which encourages people to declutter their homes to gain a fresher perspective and find a new appreciation in their everyday lives. (Don’t worry, she has made it clear that she does not want you to get rid of your massive books, orchids, or indoor plant collection.) But did you know that aside from letting go of excessive possessions and pursuing a more minimalist lifestyle, Kondo swears by another secret technique to help you “live in the moment.” 

What’s Marie Kondo’s Secret? Fresh Flowers!

In light of her successes, Marie Kondo relocated along with her husband, Takumi Kawahara, (who is also her business partner and the CEO of Konmari Media, LLC ) and two daughters, Satsuki and Miko, to Los Angeles, California. 

On her official Facebook account, Kondo revealed her love affair with fresh flower arrangements. “I regularly keep fresh flowers in my home and my hotel rooms when I travel, (my home away from home)," she said. “They serve as reminders to live in the moment and to appreciate beauty as it comes,” she continued. 

In many of her interviews, Kondo would constantly talk about how she adores having fresh flower arrangements around in every corner of her home and how she routinely changes the water in each of the vases before going to bed in the evening as part of her own daily tidying up ritual. 

Sparking Joy at Home with Flowers

There is no denying that Marie Kondo has helped us become intentional with the way we live and with our relationships with the things we own, the people we love, and with ourselves, too. If you have seen even a single episode of Kondo’s hit Netflix show Tidying Up, you can probably admit how the mere act of decluttering can be transformational not only aesthetically for your home but emotionally and spiritually for you as well. “Just getting your home in order can really make your life clearer. It can make your head clearer,” Kondo explains. 


The thought of “Kondo-ing” your entire household and how long it would probably take can understandably cause panic attacks at first but imagine how great and accomplished you are probably going to feel afterward. Take baby steps. One room at a time. 

Dedicate a weekend for a specific room. With every room you finish KonMari-ing, reward yourself by going down to the nearest flower market. Got a tight schedule? No problem. Conveniently get elegant Phalaenopsis orchids or flower arrangements by ordering online. That will save you so much time and energy. Plus anticipating that you will receive a same-day flower delivery will absolutely keep you in a positive mood the whole day!

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