The Prettiest Peony Substitutes for Every Blooming Season

The Prettiest Peony Substitutes for Every Blooming Season

We all have that one favorite flower that we simply cannot get enough of. Some people are obsessed with exquisite orchid flowers, some with gorgeous peonies. Unfortunately, while orchids are available all year round, the beauty of peonies can be fleeting and last only from spring until summer. 

Here are the most stunning substitutes to peonies.

Garden Roses

Garden roses, otherwise known as English roses or cabbage roses, come in an array of dainty pastel hues just like the peonies you adore. One cannot deny that the two flowers will pass off as identical twins. They both have that poofy, full-bloom-shaped flower heads made of delicate and ruffled petals. The best thing about garden roses is that they are more affordable and available no matter the season.

Double Bloom Tulips

Frequently referred to as peony tulips because of their uncanny resemblance to peonies, the double bloom tulips or double late tulips have long-lasting flowers that can be as large as 10 centimeters across in size. Annelinde, Mount Tacoma, Purple Jacket, and Blue Diamond are only a few excellent varieties definitely worth checking out. Double bloom tulips are in season for a much longer period than peonies, mostly fall, summer, and springtime too.


Dahlias are the queen of the autumn season. Their arrival perfectly announces that it’s time for peonies to move over. Dahlia flowers can effortlessly compete with the daintiness of peonies. There are many types of dahlia to choose from blooming in a rainbow of delicious colors and sizes, ranging from miniature to those as huge as a dinner plate! Dahlias are in season from June to October. We especially love Dahlia Cafe Au Lait, Frost Nip, and Gallery Monet.


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