Send Sympathy Flowers in Style

Send Sympathy Flowers in Style


The death of a loved one is definitely a difficult time. Sometimes, you cannot find the right words or they are simply not enough to bring comfort and peace to the grieving family or loved ones left behind. Sending fresh flower arrangements is a kind and thoughtful gesture to express your heartfelt sympathy and condolence to friends, family, or colleagues mourning the loss of someone they hold dear.

Funeral Flowers vs. Sympathy Flowers

You may be wondering what’s the difference between funeral flowers and sympathy flower arrangements. Basically, the first one refers to the kind of floral arrangements displayed in funeral homes or during the memorial service. Aside from enhancing the aesthetics of the venue, the funeral flowers exude a calming, peaceful, and heavenly ambiance. It is also a fitting tribute and a beautiful show of respect for the person who passed away.

Traditional types of funeral flowers include wreaths, which are the circle-shaped florals setup either on an easel with the photo of the departed or near the casket. Big wreath funeral flowers are commonly sent by a family or a company related to the deceased or the family. Other examples are casket sprays and small inside floral pieces. White is the ultimate color choice for funeral flowers and the arrangement is typically formal in design and large in size.

Sympathy flowers, on the other hand, are arrangements delivered directly to the home or the office of the grieving party. You can also hand deliver sympathy flowers and give to your friend when you visit the wake and/or the bereavement service. They are usually more compact in terms of arrangement style. 

What Types of Flowers to Send Sympathy

Sympathy flower arrangements are commonly all-white in nature and can come as flower baskets or floral bouquets. In the language of flowers, the color white represents peace, heaven, eternity, and gentleness. Popular bloom choices for sympathy flower arrangements are:

  • Orchids (Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium, and Cymbidium)
  • Roses
  • Calla Lily
  • Stargazer Lily
  • Hydrangeas
  • Carnations
  • Chrysanthemums

While an all-white flower arrangement is a classic choice for sending sympathy, more modern options offer warm, colorful blooms to celebrate life and cheer up a friend or family who is grieving. However, we recommend that you only do so if you know the recipient enough to be sure that the gesture won’t come off as offensive. 

White flowering plants, such as white orchid plants and peace lily indoor plants, are also excellent alternatives. You can have them directly delivered to their home address. Both suggestions will last longer than the normal cut flower arrangement and therefore lend feelings of comfort and sympathy longer to the mourners. Like fresh flowers, indoor plants also have the benefit of inducing uplifting and positive emotions in the people around them. They can also be considered as a charming reminder of the loved one who passed on.

When Should Sympathy Flowers Be Sent

Some say sympathy flowers should be sent as soon as you learned of the unfortunate event. But the saying it’s the thought that count goes well in this situation, too. It’s never too late to send someone flowers even if it was weeks after the funeral. In fact, there are those who choose to wait after the whole affair is over and the mourning person or family is easing back into their normal routine before they send the flower arrangements. This way, it will come as an unexpected surprise and a comforting gesture that you have them in your thoughts.

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