Flower Meanings: What Message Are You Sending?

Flower Meanings: What Message Are You Sending?

Since Victorian times, beautiful flower arrangements have been used to convey messages or feelings. As a matter of fact, it is believed that it was during this period when the notion of the language of flowers has been conceived. Sending specific flowers was like suitors wooing and speaking to young maidens through secret codes. Over the years, the collection of flower meanings have evolved and expanded. They can be captivating, confusing, and even contradicting all at the same time. 

These days where heart-warming messages are either left unsaid or carelessly sent through text or chat messages, making it a habit to buy orchid gifts or send flower arrangements would definitely make a whole world of difference as to how we celebrate or simply share life’s special moments. Find out how to always send the right message and hit the sweet spot for every occasion or situation using these different flower arrangement categories. 

I Love You Flowers

Te Amo

There are actually two types of I Love You Flowers. There’s the romantic type for when you are confessing your love for the first time, professing it again for your anniversary, or asking his/her hand in marriage through an engagement surprise. This one calls for roses, peonies, tulips in bold and passionate colors, such as red or magenta. 

The second one is the affection type of I Love You Flowers, which frequently could be for the female team of your family, such as your mom, sister, or daughter. When selecting options for flower delivery, go for blooms in soft, pale pinks. 

I’m Sorry Flowers

Prima Orchids

What better way to seek for one’s forgiveness than when you are armed with stunning apology flowers? Generally, white flower arrangements, such as a bouquet of white tulips or a white orchid arrangement, are hands-down the excellent choice when you are asking sorry. White is a symbolic color for peace and surrender. Send white orchids to a client when you’re trying to make amends is a kind gesture while maintaining a business tone.

Smile and Be Happy Flowers 

Sunflower Sonata 

Studies have proven time and time again that fresh flower arrangements are received with instant happiness and warm feelings of gratitude. Turn a friend or a loved one’s frown upside down by cheering them up with their personal favorite flowers. This gives you extra points for paying attention to details, too. However, if you are not privy to knowing their faves, your safest bet would be to order flowers in bright and playful hues. 

Get Well Soon Flowers

Cassandra's Charm

If a loved one is in the hospital or you are feeling a little bit under the weather yourself, buy a mixed flower arrangement in happy pastel hues of pink, yellow, green. Daisies, tulips, and orchids are some of the most popular get well soon flowers. Just a glimpse of these eye-candy blooms can lift a loved one’s spirits. 

Congratulations Flowers 

Bona Dea Blooms

Celebrate every story of success with bright, sunshine-colored flower arrangements. Yellow roses and sunflowers are our top favorites for sending best wishes. 

Sympathy Flowers

Arleta Clouds

When sending comfort and sympathy to someone, an all-white flower arrangement is also a great idea. White roses, stargazer lilies, calla lilies, carnations, and chrysanthemums are perfect for symbolizing peace and eternity. But if you want a mixed flower arrangement, they say add Queen Anne’s Lace for safety, 

Thank You Flowers 

Boysenberry Baby

A tasteful hostess present for whenever you get invited to a party or as a token of appreciation to family, friends, or colleague. Carnations, camellias, hydrangeas, and sweet pea flowers in pleasant colors of peach, pink, and yellow are wonderful. 

Send Notes with Your Flower Delivery

Whether you’re buying from your favorite florist and hand-delivering the flowers personally or shopping online and having the flower delivery to the recipient’s home or office,  we highly recommend that you take the time to write a note with your message. Perhaps nothing can be clearer than that. This way, you don’t fall into the risk of being misinterpreted or have the recipient guessing who or why you sent the flowers over. 

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