Beautiful Baby Names Inspired By Flowers

Beautiful Baby Names Inspired By Flowers

Perhaps one of the best parts of being a parent is coming up with unique but meaningful baby names for your little girl or boy. While others choose popular celebrities, prominent historical figures, mythical characters, eye-popping colors, celestial bodies, fresh flowers have always been unsurprisingly a favorite inspiration for baby names, especially for girls.

Mainly because aside from their pleasing physical appearance, each bloom also have captivating flower meanings that add more charm. This means that naming your sweet little bundle of joy after a gorgeous flower arrangement is like wishing her a life blooming with beauty and bliss. 

How about we help you pick out the perfect name? Here’s a list of some of the prettiest baby girl names inspired by flowers, variations, and their meanings. 


A common English baby girl name, Lily is derived from the delicate Lilium flowering plants. There are many stunning types of lilies, such as Stargazer Lily, Calla Lily, or Lily of the Valley. Other formal variations of Lily would be Lilian or Liliana. It symbolizes purity, innocence, and graceful elegance.

Notable ladies named Lily would include:

  •  American actress Lily Collins
  • Victoria Secret model Lily Aldridge
  • And of course, fictional mother to Harry Potter, Lily Evans Potter


A French baby name translating to flower. This fancy floral-inspired name exudes femininity and beauty. Other variations for Fleur would be Fleurine, Flora, and Fleurette. 


Another classic French baby name, Marguerite can be a chic Parisian translation for the flower Daisy or Pearl. In the language of flowers, daisy represent new beginnings, true love, and innocence.


Marigold is another excellent floral-derived baby girl name. Aside from the perennial flowering plant from the Calendula family, it is also a cute combination of the words Mary and “gold.” As a name, Marigold promises warmth, shining bright, and soaring as high as the sun.


Exquisite and exotic just like its floral namesake. Orchid is a sophisticated baby girl name. A rare flower given as a name, the chances are high that her name will stand out from the crowd in a good way. The best thing about orchids is that they symbolize nothing but pleasant things when it comes to flower meanings. Orchids are all about beauty, elegance, abundance, and joy. Feeling more adventurous? You can also go for Cattleya or Vanda, which are equally enchanting orchid flower names. 


A pretty little flower and a Greek goddess who wished to be turned into a shining star above the sky. Asters are also the birth flower of babies born in the month of September. 


Have you seen a dainty Dahlia Cafe Au Lait? If you answered yes, then you probably know why this delicate flower made this list. This summer flower is native to Mexico and is actually the country’s national flower since 1963. Dahlia flower meanings include grace under pressure, compassion, and the courage to succeed in life. 


Amaryllis is a fair Christmas flower, which means to sparkle in Greek. Now, who wouldn’t want to have that name? This festive holiday bloom has the showy looks that rival that of the iconic Poinsettia. It comes in red, pink, purple, yellow, and white and is known to last long after Christmas. Amaryllis flower meaning is all about being a strong and confident woman.


Poppy has that extraordinary wildflower kind of charm to it and would make an affectionate first name or nickname for little girls. Two of the best examples of celebrities whose first name carries this name wit flair would be:

  •  Poppy Delevingne, a British fashion model and the elder sister of model/actress Cara Delevingne
  •  Poppy Honey Rosie Oliver, the daughter of famous TV chef, Jamie Oliver

By the way, Jamie Oliver definitely has a penchant for floral-inspired names. Aside from Poppy, her other daughters’ names are Daisy Boo Pamela and Petal Blossom. Oh, my, someone in the Oliver family must be an absolute flower lover!


A sweet baby girl name, Lavender refers to the stunning flurry of little flowers and the pale purple color of its namesake. In flower meaning, this bloom symbolizes calmness, honesty, and serenity. 


The most iconic flower symbol of romance, the name Rose exudes beauty and love. Regarded as old-fashioned previously, Rose came back as a common baby girl name after Kate Winslet’s memorable portrayal in Titanic. Variations for this flower name may include Rosa, Rosie, Primrose, and Rosemary.


This one-of-a-kind baby name is derived from the trumpet-shaped flower called Calla Lily. A Calla Lily’s flower meaning can vary depending on its color. 

  • Classic white - perfection, purity, and spirituality 
  • Dark purple - royalty, creative imagination, and strength
  • Sunny yellow to bright orange - friendship, happiness, and health
  • Pretty pink - admiration and affection
  • Deep red - romance and passion


The name Magnolia has that aristocratic, old-world charm that reminds you of heroines in novels. It’s a tasteful second name that can be perfectly paired with any modern name, for example, Ashley Magnolia.  The Magnolia flower blooms in trees, instead of bushes or vines. They say that in ancient China, a woman’s gentleness, fairness, and feminine grace is likened to a blooming magnolia. Other flower meanings of magnolia include nobility and dignity. 


A truly magnificent beauty! Camellia flowers bloom in gorgeous white, pink, red and some combinations of either color. They are called “Tsubaki” and are said to have divine references. In the United States, Camellias are likened to the beauty of Southern ladies. In flower meaning, Camellia is all about refinement, poise, passion, faithfulness, and longevity. 


Other than the fact that Jasmine is also the name of one of the coolest princesses in the world of Disney, this also refers to swoon-worthy and sweet-smelling flowers in white. In flower meaning, Jasmine represents beauty, love, sensuality, and even good luck in some cultures. 


A delightful floral name that made its debut in 2012, Azalea is one of the most widely propagated flowering shrubs in the country and in other parts of the world. It blooms in white, red, purple, pink, and yellow. 


This flower name has a more Oriental flavor, which makes it more special and unique. Lotus is often associated with spirituality in Buddhism and Egyptian context. It represents enlightenment and eloquence. The Hindi name Kunal means lotus flower. 

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