Succulent Care: How To Water Your Succulents


When watering your succulents, remember to soak and tilt.

Give it a good full on watering and then wait for a few minutes until the soil has had its fill with enough water. Then tilt the plant container a little on the side to get rid of excess water. If left in, stagnant water will put your poor succulent at risk of molds and other plant diseases. This soak and tilt watering technique is particularly beneficial if you’re growing your succulents in a pot without drainage holes.

How Much Water Does Your Succulent Need

A lot, but not all the time.

Orchid plants may love a little spritz here and there, but succulents prefer a good soak. Water your succulents you would any other plant. For small pots, a cup or two may be sufficient. Fill it up to the brim of the pot.

Bryce Lane, a respected horticulturist with North Carolina State University, suggests doing a soil check at least a week after watering your succulents. If the soil is still moist, this means the plant is still well hydrated. Go back and check again after a few days.

How Often Should You Water Your Succulents?

When it comes to watering frequency, many succulent enthusiasts say at least once a week is a good baseline. However, there are a number of important factors that you should consider, too. These include: 


Your environment plays a big role when it comes to how frequent you should water your succulents. Ideally, indoor succulent arrangements set in a plant holder with a good drainage require at least three to four days. Outdoor succulents would require more and frequent hydration.

Size Matters

Large plant containers can hold more moisture. Succulents in small, shallow pots, on the other hand, should be watered more frequently. Succulents planted directly to the ground, such as sedums, can do with weekly watering. They have bigger roots that are planted firmly to the ground and can withstand dry soil conditions better.

The Season

Succulents need water for growing during spring, and lesser and lesser come summer and winter. Because winter months have less sunlight and succulents usually go in hibernation mode, water only when the soil is dry. Typically, this can go as long as once a month. But always do the soil check to be on the safe side.

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