Orchid Arrangements Arcadia

Orchid Republic is Arcadia premier Orchid Arrangement & Floral Design company.  With over 15 years in the business and thousands of satisfied clients, its no wonder why our customers choose us every single time they need a floral arrangement.


Orchid Flower Arrangements Arcadia

Orchid Arrangements ArcadiaSince time immemorial orchids have been the tropics' most precious and beautiful flora. Not only for its looks but because of the rarity of some of its species. Care of the plants means undivided attention and dedicated tending, if one wish to see the perfect blooms that get produced and sown. Because of longer life span when flowers are cut, preference for it has become a first priority in the flower industry, running if not first then second to the Roses. Note that the flower collections in this category make use of the best varieties of orchids in different color shades, that are available all year round. The most common of which are the Phalaenopsis, Cymbidium, Dendrobium and the Vanda. Added as well are the eye-catching Intergeneric Orchids.




Floral Arrangements Arcadia

Floral Arrangements ArcadiaThe ornate beauty of a flower brightens up any ambiance.  Home and Office get an aura of pleasantry because Orchid Republic brings out the purity and beauty of any flower variety in their floral arrangements. Beauty need not be expensive neither complex.  What is beautiful is natural and simple.



Gift Boxes Arcadia

Gift Boxes ArcadiaIn clear, red, charcoal or ivory, plexi or wood, our gift boxes are meant to lift the spirit. Special wines and bubblies, aromatherapeutic candles, delicate essential oils, soaps and body lotions, and deliciously divine chocolates are allied with cymbidium and phalaenopsis orchids, roses, succulents, moss and other ornaments in gorgeous arrangements that please the eyes and other senses. Each one, a truly sensuous and sensual experience.

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Succulent Arrangements Arcadia

Succulent Arrangements ArcadiaGreens, in general, has this purpose of providing a refreshing and relaxing ambiance. In addition to this, they do have an ability to purify the air you breathe. Hence, they shall always form part of any floral arrangement, in addition to its use as a complement, supplement or even as a contrast to flowers that go with it. Succulents are common greens that are commonly used in many floral arrangements, whether it is used as a filler or a main component. They come in varieties of colors, shapes and textures, so any artistic ploy can easily make use of them in good aesthetic sense and fashion. One advantage that the succulents have is its low maintenance. It can thrive in-doors, in shades, or other areas receiving little sunlight. They are water retentive so they require less amount of water, that makes them very much adaptable to tropical and arid weather, to hot temperature or even cold ones, since some varieties also withstand a freezing climate. Preferences over these succulent arrangements are made by some business establishments and offices.