Why Orchids Make The Best Christmas Gifts

Why Orchids Make The Best Christmas Gifts


If you love orchids as much as we do, you have probably been contemplating if it is a great idea to give away beautiful orchids to friends and family this Christmas. To this, we say, of course, it is! Here are just a few excellent reasons that will convince you as to why orchids make a unique and charming Christmas gift idea.

Orchids are breathtaking

Orchids are effortlessly elegant and captivating. They possess a kind of beauty that is simply hard to resist. Whether it is a simple orchid arrangement featuring a single-stemmed white phalaenopsis orchid or a mesmerizing flurry of colorful orchid blooms, they will surely be received happily. There are also a whole array of colors, sizes, and orchid species that you can choose from to suit a person’s personal taste.


Christmas Angel

Orchids are long-lasting and low-maintenance

Orchid arrangements are made of healthy orchid plants filled with optimal potting material, presented in a stylish planter, and may be adorned with decorative accents, such as a mix of holiday foliage, Christmas trinkets, moss, or succulents. When purchased from a reputable florist, orchid gifts come with easy orchid care instructions that recipients can follow. Orchid blooms are expected to last at least 3 to 4 weeks or even longer with the possibility of reblooming. With a long-lasting Christmas orchid, your friends and family will remember your thoughtfulness and excellent taste for quite a while.

Orchids are safe for people with allergies

Some may think twice about giving flowers and orchids as a gift for Christmas in fear of triggering serious allergies from recipients. This is a legit concern that should really be taken into account. However, experts have proven that orchids are one of the safest flowers you can give to anyone without causing allergies. Unlike other types of flowers, the pollen of orchid plants are sticky and securely concealed inside the bloom. This means there is no risk of the orchid pollen getting airborne and triggering pollen allergies from anyone. To know more Do Orchids Have Pollen: Why It’s Almost Impossible To Have An Orchid Allergy.

Orchids have beautiful flower meanings

Christmas Queen|https://orchidrepublic.com/collections/christmas/products/christmas-queen

Christmas Queen

Another winning quality that makes orchids the top go-to flower gift for any occasion is that they only have beautiful flower meanings. Throughout history, orchid plants have been regarded as a symbol of prosperity, purity, good health, fertility, royalty, friendship, and well wishes. This is why it is hard to ever go wrong and be misinterpreted when you send orchids to anyone.

Orchids are not toxic to pets

Our informative orchids and pet articles are probably one of our top-ranking content. This only shows that a lot of pet lovers are interested if they can have lovely orchids without putting their pet’s life in danger. The good news is the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) have phalaenopsis orchids among many flowers and plants that are non-toxic to dogs, cats, and even horses. If you have someone on your Christmas shopping list who has a furry baby, a chic orchid arrangement still fits the bill.

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