Types of Romantic Red Flowers and Their Meanings

Types of Romantic Red Flowers and Their Meanings

There is something about gorgeous red flowers that is hard to ignore. Whether it is a breathtaking bouquet of red tulips or a stunning single long-stemmed rose in red, the eye-catching color will surely shoot straight for your heart. In this article, you will learn more about the many types of flowers that bloom in red and the interesting flower meanings they come with.


Romance is the most common flower meaning given for red blooms. Perhaps mainly because red is the color of the heart that is the ultimate symbol of love. Vibrant red flower arrangements represent a fervent kind of love and desire that is passionate, seductive, and unstoppable.

Red is also the symbol of bravery and festive happiness. For instance, we really feel the Christmas season is upon us when we see holiday decorations and the iconic red poinsettia blooming beautifully before us.

In Asian culture, red is a symbol of luck and good fortune. Red and pink flowers are also a staple in parties because they stand for life and celebrations.



Red roses stand for love and romance. There should be no confusion there. If you want to confess your love to someone, a bouquet of pure red roses will surely send the right message.


Anemone has a lot of unique flower meanings in some cultures, such as a love that is forgotten to protection from all evil. In mixed floral arrangements, on the other hand, red anemones can give a pop of happy hues.


Red orchids are a sight to reckon with because they dazzle you with their one of a kind beauty. Our favorite red orchids include Cattleya orchids, Phalaenopsis orchids, Dendrobium orchids, and the Red Lipstick Mokara orchids.


With its big, showy blooms, amaryllis is linked to a standout kind of beauty and confident women. In fact, it is said that the Greek meaning of the flower name is sparkling or stunning. Red amaryllis represents romance and Christmas also since this flower blooms in winter.


The identical twin of the daisy, asters most popular flower meanings is patience, elegance, and delicate beauty. Red asters make stunning complementary blooms to mix floral arrangements.


In other hues, chrysanthemums are the perfect flowers to give to someone without being misinterpreted as romantic expressions of love. Red chrysanthemum, however, represents passion.


The official Christmas flower, the poinsettia can bloom in white, salmon pink, purple, and yellow. But nothing says happy holidays more beautifully than a dashing red poinsettia.  


Red carnations burst with love and affection. In other colors, however, the flower meaning of carnations can include a mother’s love for her child, innocent love, and luck in life.


A tropical beauty, this red flower represents hospitality and abundance. Anthuriums come in other colors but the red variety is the most popular. In flower arrangements, red anthuriums add character and a touch of festiveness.


Red tulips are almost as powerful as red roses when it comes to professing strong feelings of love.

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Oct 14, 2019

In this article, you will learn more about the many types of flowers that bloom in red and the interesting flower meanings they come with. Keep up the good work.

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