3 Ways to Make Thanksgiving More Meaningful This Year

3 Ways to Make Thanksgiving More Meaningful This Year



Whether you simply want to shake things up or you are in search of something deeper, here are some suggestions of thoughtful things you can do to make your Thanksgiving experience more memorable than before.

Give back to the community

Whether this year has been good or quite a challenge for you, doing your fair share by giving back to the community through acts of kindness or service to others definitely has its merits and can help make the world we live in better and kinder.

We are lucky to live in such a diverse place as Los Angeles where there are endless options when it comes to this subject. You can choose to volunteer at soup kitchens for the homeless or orphaned children. Spend a day in an animal shelter taking care of cats and dogs that have been rescued from abusive pet parents.

Or you can also donate your beautiful Thanksgiving flowers to a hospice, women’s shelters, or children’s hospitals. You can either coordinate a local organization with this project or visit a facility near you to know if it is possible for you to do this personal project.

Rekindle or strengthen your bond with your loved ones

Make sure you invite the whole family over or head over to your folks for a sumptuous Thanksgiving dinner.  This year, instead of just being there for the sake of tradition, exert an extra effort to really connect and make meaningful conversations with everyone, especially those who you may have been taking for granted before. This could be your own parents, your grandmother or grandfather, your in-laws, or your own children.

Serve steaming cups of tea, coffee, or cocoa after the feast and gather around to catch up with whatever everyone has been up to. Ask everyone to put their screens down for a moment and participate. Pass on papers filled with guide questions for everyone to answer. For example, what are you most grateful for this year and what are the things you are most hopeful for next year? Let every one answer, even the little ones! It will surely be fun.

Forgive and forget

Maybe it is time to finally make peace with a friend or a family member who you’ve had a misunderstanding with previously. It is also the perfect opportunity to slowly let go of all the things that did not go your way or forgiving yourself for certain things that you blame yourself for.

How about you? What steps can you recommend to make this Thanksgiving a little different?

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