DIY Thanksgiving Flower Arrangement from Your Own Garden

DIY Thanksgiving Flower Arrangement from Your Own Garden

Thanksgiving decorations need not be uber expensive. While ordering fresh flower arrangements online can save you a lot of time and energy, creating your own fall flower centerpiece can bring a certain kind of fulfillment, not to mention bragging rights on Thanksgiving parties, too!

Work with what you can find from your flower garden

The fall/autumn season is all about tint red and gold and an assortment of colorful leaves, twigs, and fruits and berries. With interesting fall finds from your own backyard and an imagination gone wild, the possibilities are endless.

Be on the lookout for:

  • Common flowers growing in your gardens like clematis, roses, geraniums, or marigolds
  • Beautiful flower weeds like love-in-a-puff and dandelions
  • Fruit shrubs with flowers like strawberries, cherry tomatoes
  • Flower-looking vegetables like artichokes and kales
  • Leafy herbs to be used as fillers and to add texture like oregano and rosemary

Prepare the flowers and foliage

When you’re done gathering your flowers and foliage from the garden, submerge them in a bucket filled with clean, cool water. This step will help prolong their freshness and prevent them from drying and wilting immediately, unless, of course, that’s part of your plan.

Read this article for more tips on how to have longlasting flower arrangements.

Channel your inner florist 

Arrange them in a clear vase or jar. Allow overflow for a cascading effect and to achieve that thriving wildflower look. As with all flower arrangements, cutting the end of the stems and changing the water they’re submerged in regularly can keep your foraged flowers fresher longer.

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