6 Tasteful Gifts for Your Thanksgiving Host

6 Tasteful Gifts for Your Thanksgiving Host

With Thanksgiving just a number of weeks away (plus a few more holidays in tow), invitations to parties and dinners from family and friends will soon be pouring in. 

As you know, the golden rule for all parties, no matter how big or small, is to never show up empty-handed. It’s common courtesy to bring something thoughtful for the host or hostess, especially if you’re not immediate family, whenever someone invites you over. Thanksgiving Day is no exception.

Be the gracious guest everybody would love having again and again with these thoughtful gift ideas. 

A bottle of wine


The Fall Fairy, $299

A bottle of wine and no-fail gifts for all occasions – Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, housewarmings, baby showers, whatever! Don’t know what the wine the host prefers? You can almost always never go wrong with a decent bottle of Pinot Noir or champagne.

Fall flower arrangements 

The Harvest Queen, $140

Fresh flowers are also appropriate. Make sure your flowers are already arranged in a vase or a planter, so you don’t bother the host, who’s perhaps already got his/her hands full, to begin with, just to find you a vase.

Fall-inspired flowers and pumpkin arrangements are adorable and fitting for the Thanksgiving season. Orchid arrangements, on the other hand, are classic, elegant, and long-lasting too.

A pack of freshly ground coffee beans or box of tea

After dinner, everybody just wants to sit down and drink a hot cup of anything soothing to make the bloated, unpleasant feeling of binge eating go away. Save the day with a box of green tea or a bag of brewed coffee that everyone can enjoy while chilling out or having a little chitchat.

Edible fruits and floral arrangements

Fruits of Fall Fancy, $169

Edible arrangements are a welcome presence as well. It not only makes a gorgeous Thanksgiving centerpiece, but other guests can probably nibble on the fruits and other delicious treats on it too while waiting for the host to wrap up.

A box of delicious desserts

Fruits, cakes, pastries, and other sweet treats are thoughtful things to bring. Be sure they come in pretty but practical packaging that will work either way should the host decide to serve it right away or to keep away for storage.

Stunning succulent arrangements

    Jade Waterfalls, $110

    It can be a little tedious to look for masculine flower arrangements if it’s a male friend, unless otherwise, of course, you get a custom-made arrangement. But if you’re pressed for time and maybe lazy, succulents can come to the rescue.

    Succulent arrangements are perfect. They can be masculine in looks, they’re pleasing to the eyes, and they’re absolutely hassle-free to maintain. Succulents come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, textures, and styles of arrangements. What’s your style? Terrarium, vase, pot, apothecary jar, or an ark? Impress your host with the gift of greens.


    Thoughtful and tasteful gift ideas for all occasions? Orchid Republic offers orchids, plants, succulents, and flower arrangements for same day delivery in Los Angeles and Orange County. 

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