Pro Tips: How to Shop for The Best Valentine’s Day Flowers Online

Pro Tips: How to Shop for The Best Valentine’s Day Flowers Online

Whether you’ve been together for a day or decades, you got to get your sweetheart something for Valentine’s Day if you know it’s for keeps. Thanks to the Internet, now it’s much easier to surprise your loved ones with beautiful flowers on special occasions or just because. If you’re pressed for time or in a long-distance relationship and living abroad, you can still melt your partner’s heart with a romantic Valentine’s Day flower arrangement.

But if you’re hesitant to shop for flowers online because it’s you’ve never done it before or had an unpleasant experience previously, this one’s for you. In this blog, we’ll share practical tips on how to make sure you only get impressive flowers for Valentine’s Day for your loved ones.

Mark V-Day On Your Calendar 

Amore Red Roses, $299

Valentine’s Day is celebrated traditionally on the 14th of February yearly. For 2023, it falls on a Tuesday. Make sure you book them in your online or analog calendars so you don’t get your orders and flower delivery dates messed up. Pre-order your Valentine’s Day flowers in advance to get the first dibs on the prettiest designs. We wrote a separate article on why you should definitely for flowers for Valentine’s early. A must-read!

In addition, knowing that it’s a weekday, you can make advanced arrangements on whether you have time to plan a sweet couple’s getaway, book a seat at Los Angeles’ prime date night locations, or if you have to celebrate in advance or a bit late in case it overlaps with something else. 

Shop From a Reputable Florist  

Eros Roses, $515

Understandably it can be quite daunting to shop for Valentine’s Day flowers online since you don’t get the chance to make a connection or get blown away as you would when you see the arrangement in real life. That’s why you have to be meticulous when choosing an online florist you can trust.  

1. Big doesn’t necessarily mean better.

    Sometimes popular online flower shopping platforms take in more orders than they accommodate, increasing the chances of late deliveries and unmet expectations. Shopping directly from a local, homegrown floral boutique gives you the assurance that every arrangement is handmade with passion and precision.

    2. Do a background check.

      Check verified customer reviews on Google or Yelp and read comments on their social media accounts to see what people are saying about them. Scroll down from the Valentine’s Day posts from previous years. Usually, that’s where you’ll see unhappy customers venting and ranting about their failed VDay flower orders. 

      All My Loving Roses, $410

      3. Go for a local floral boutique that caters to the recipient’s address.

        Shopping as locally as possible cuts travel time for the flowers, reducing stress and increasing their shelf life plus minimizing the carbon footprint involved. Orchid Republic dispatches flower delivery orders fresh daily from our Sherman Oaks and Santa Monica Floral Boutiques and Orange County workshop. 

        4. Ask if they can send a photo to you before delivering the arrangement.

          Like with anything online shopping, expectation vs reality stories are also common with flowers. The most foolproof way to reduce the risk of this from happening to your Valentine’s Day flowers is to ask for pictures before getting them out there. 

          Impressive Valentine’s Flower Delivery in Los Angeles 

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