How to Rock Valentine's Day for the Single Ladies

How to Rock Valentine's Day for the Single Ladies

Gone are the days when not being tied to a relationship equates to loneliness and all the negative notions that come with it.

As Dakota Johnson’s character, Alice, puts it in the movie How to Be Single:

 “We’re embarrassed to admit we’re single, and try to pretend that we’re not. We’re supposed to act all cheerful and happy about it. But why should we be embarrassed? We’re living longer, marrying later, and refusing to leave the party before we’re really, really done.”

The movie encourages women to cherish singlehood. Because in a matter of weeks, months, or years, that opportunity to be alone, decide on your own and do the things you truly want to do without asking anyone’s permission will be gone the moment you commit to a relationship.

Having said that, let me ask you: should single ladies should sulk and be bitter on Valentine’s Day?

On that note, here's how to have a blast on the biggest holiday for lovers even if you're super-duper single. 

1. Have A Girls Night Out With Your Squad On Valentines

Whether your idea of a night out is hitting the bars and partying where the party doesn’t stop or pigging out like there’s no tomorrow while having a movie marathon, or drowning your stresses in a luxurious spa, do it and do it with your favorite girl pals.

2. Do That Thing You’ve Always Wanted To Do

In the movie, Alice always said she’d climb the Grand Canyon on New Year’s Eve, but she never had the chance – because she was always caught in between the usual happenings in life or strained by a romantic relationship – until she finally decided to be single for a moment.

We all have that – going on a trip to an exotic destination, taking cooking or baking lessons, learning French or Spanish, or exploring extreme activities like sky diving.

On Valentine’s Day, make sure you tick off at least one item on your bucket list.

3. Spread The Love Around

As they say, give and it will come back to you.

Let February 14 be your personal “Volunteer Day.” Do it for a good cause. Read books to children at the nearest children’s hospital or facility. Serve hot meals at a homeless shelter. Bring flowers to the elderly at nursing homes.

4. Slay On V-Day

Let your looks kill the negative vibes on Valentine’s Day.

A few extra coats of mascara, your favorite devil red lipstick, and a few inches more of confidence from your killer heels should do the trick.

5. Send Yourself a Self-Love Bouquet Fit for a Queen


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