Why Shop Valentine’s Day Flowers in Advance

Why Shop Valentine’s Day Flowers in Advance

Although love should be expressed and celebrated all year round, Valentine’s Day deserves a special mention as a holiday for romantic gestures that make the heart flutter. Whether you’re a new couple or in a long-term relationship, don’t give your partner a chance to wonder what makes them undeserving of a gorgeous bouquet from you. Instead, make it a day to affirm why you two are meant to be together.

But never make the mistake of getting your significant other’s Valentine’s Day flowers last minute! Like with many things in life, there are incredible perks to being the early bird when it comes to flower shopping on the world’s biggest love holiday. 

Top Reasons to Order Your Valentine’s Day Flowers Now 

Red Rose Terraces

Get Only the Best and the Freshest 

Trust us when we say there’s a long queue and usually limited stocks of pink and red roses in the last week leading to February 14. Getting ahead of the rush means you’ll get first dibs on the most exquisite floral arrangements in your florist’s Valentine’s collection. It also gives you a guarantee that you’ll get your partner’s favorite blooms will still be in stock. On the contrary, shopping late may mean struggling to find impressive arrangements for your sweetheart.

Hassle-Free Delivery Scheduling

Florists everywhere will be fully booked if you wait until the very last minute to order your Valentine’s Day. In addition, typically, it’s last-minute orders that get messed up, plus there’s almost no chance to correct it the next day because the holiday’s over. So don’t keep your partner waiting for a flower delivery that will never make it in time just because you procrastinated. 

Get More Bang For Your Buck

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As the demand rises, expect the price rate for roses and other Valentine’s Day flowers to increase as well. Some florists even put a surcharge on their flower delivery service since it’s peak season and they’re super busy. Shopping for Vday flowers in advance means getting a bigger hand bouquet at a friendlier price. 

Shop Chic Valentine’s Day Flowers in Los Angeles 

Don’t disappoint your partner just because you didn’t plan ahead. Instead, send them romantic flower arrangements as early as now. Orchid Republic is a local florist with posh floral boutiques and reliable same-day flower delivery in Los Angeles, Orange County, and Santa Monica. Shop our Love and Romance Flower Collection for your sweetheart today!

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