5 Plants That Give the The Gift of Greens This Christmas

5 Plants That Give the The Gift of Greens This Christmas

Deciding what to give away for Christmas can be a tedious task. It’s not a walk in the park thinking of pretty but practical Christmas gifts for a lot of people that they’d actually like, regardless of their millions of interests or whether they’re male or female.

Here’s where potted plants come to the rescue. They’re presentable, provides a lot of health and emotional benefits (according to research plants make people productive and inspired), and their charm works like magic and knows no gender. Their overall likeability will never fail you.

Convinced? Awesome!

Now, here are your options. We’ve listed down five indoor plants that make wonderful Christmas presents. Just tie a red ribbon around them and they’re good to go!

Orchid Arrangements

Orchids are blessed with a timeless kind of beauty, making them tastefully chosen gifts for any occasion, especially Christmas. Orchid care is not that daunting as other people say. However, attaching a short easy-care instruction with your orchid plant gift (or asking your florist if you’re having it delivered) will no doubt be greatly appreciated by the recipient.


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Lucky Bamboo

A popular plant among Feng Shui enthusiasts, lucky bamboo’s intertwined stems bring out the elegance anywhere. The best thing about this nearly unkillable plant is that it thrives both in soil and water.

Potted Herbs 

The ultimate potted present for the kitchen whiz on your list. Rosemary, oregano, basil, mint – the options are endless!


 Probably one of the most resilient plants of today, succulents do not only look cute and chic against any setting – office, home, business, alfresco – but they’re not a problem to take care of too.

    They require little attention and watering, a match made in heaven if you're a busy bee who's always running out of time, a jet-setter who rarely stays at home, or if you simply can't be trusted to feed and take care of another living thing! 

    To learn more about them, read this article: 5 Reasons Why Succulents Are Super Plants.

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