The Most Breathtaking Floral Christmas Tree Is in London!

The Most Breathtaking Floral Christmas Tree Is in London!

We’ve seen floral Christmas trees alright, but we’ve never seen one that’s 47 foot tall and made with thousands of fresh flowers no less.

Floral Christmas Tree at St Pancras

The annual unveiling of the giant Christmas tree at St. Pancras International station, an iconic train terminal right in the heart of London, is always a much-awaited spectacle for its patrons. The theme is different every year, amplifying the level of excitement from the commuting spectators, including Disney Junior, Lego, and Cirque du Soleil-inspired Christmas trees.

This year, commuters were greeted with a grandiose floral Christmas tree designed by luxury florist, Moyses Stevens.


“The unveiling of the St Pancras International Christmas tree is eagerly awaited each year, so we were thrilled to be given the responsibility to create this year’s show-stopping spectacle. We pride ourselves on creating luxurious, detailed floral displays so we spent a great deal of time experimenting and planning to create a finished tree that will wow visitors to the station,” explains, Director of Floral Artistry at Moyses Stevens, Gemma Kavanagh.

Truly a one-of-a-kind floral masterpiece, it is adorned with more than 15,000 pieces of fresh flowers – including roses, hydrangeas, anemones, amaryllis, orchids, and dianthus – plus petals and pine cones and was painstakingly made by hand for over 1,151 expert man hours.

The magnificent floral Christmas tree will grace the station for all Londoners and tourists to see for a limited time, until January 3 next year only.

DIY Floral Christmas Tree


According to Gemma, they are hoping that their show-stopping creation will inspire more people around the globe to adorn their trees with flowers and get into the floral Christmas tree trend this season.

As a matter of fact, she also shared a handful of tips (and we’ve added our own, too) on how to recreate the floral Christmas tree in your own home this yuletide season. Check them out.

  • Choose colors that will complement your interiors. Going for red or white? The choices are endless. You can use poinsettias, roses, tulips, orchids, the list goes on.
  • Decide whether you want to use real flowers versus artificial flowers. If you opt for the real thing, you’ll need a conical floral foam structure where you’ll be tucking on or arranging your flowers. Many online floral suppliers sell these.
  • What flowers should you use? Experts recommend using flowers with larger heads, such as amaryllis, roses, peonies, hydrangeas, and the like because they achieve maximum drama and cover a lot of space.
  • Place the flowers, especially the artificial kind, at the tip of the branch, so they still standout and won’t get hidden in the sea of greens.
  • Fill in the blanks. Use fresh thick foliage, such as pine, ferns, or eucalyptus to add fluff to your Christmas tree.
  • If you are using fresh flowers, keep in mind that they can only stay fresh for as long as they can, one week tops. Be ready to replace the wilting blooms.
    Read How To Make Cut Flowers Last Longer for useful hacks.
  • Keep it fresh or rustic?
    Although there are some who won’t mind it at all and who would even do it on purpose, trying to mimic the dried flowers Christmas tree at Winterthur Museum in Switzerland for a rustic chic effect.

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