How to Arrange Sunflowers in a Vase

How to Arrange Sunflowers in a Vase

The most blissful days have arrived with sunflowers now in season! The epitome of summer, happiness, and hope, here’s how to make the most out of these gorgeous blooms by making your own sunflower arrangements.

How to Arrange Sunflowers, A Step by Step  

Bringing home a sunflower arrangement is like bringing home the sun (like literally because sunflowers follow the sun). Its eye-popping yellow colour can brighten up any dark and dull spot around the house or office. Sunflowers are also an ideal apology, birthday, or get-well-soon flower arrangement because it radiates happy and positive energy.

While shopping for flowers online is a surefire way to pull off surprises, there’s no denying that the art of flower arrangement have therapeutic benefits. So if you want to try your knack on a simple yet stunning creation, follow these  simple steps on how to arrange fresh sunflowers in a vase.

1. Carefully Unpack Cut Sunflowers 

Most local florists also offer cut flowers that you can arrange at home. If you have sensitive skin, it’s best to handle sunflowers while wearing protective gloves to prevent potential irritation from their furry stems. Although famous for their show-stopping and large blooms, cut sunflowers will most likely be delivered to you as buds that are still a bit closed. Don’t worry; you’re not being duped. This simply means you can enjoy your fresh sunflowers for a significantly long time and that you’ll have the opportunity to see them bloom slowly.

If the sunflowers came wrapped in paper or a box, be extra careful when taking them, so you don’t damage the petals. Instead, place them in a bucket filled with clean water. 

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2. Prep and Feed Your Sunflowers

Freshen up your sunflowers by giving the ends of each stem a trim. Cut in a 45-degree angle with sharp shears under running water. Take out wilting leaves as well. For best results, place each newly cut stem in a bucket of water with flower preservatives from your florist. To make your own homemade floral preservative, you can try this DIY from House Beautiful.

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 1 teaspoon bleach
  • 2 teaspoons lemon or lime juice
  • 1 quart lukewarm water


Combine all the ingredients in the flower vase you’ll use for your sunflower arrangement. Flowers love carbs like sugar and keep them alive longer. On the other hand, the bleach will keep bad bacteria at bay and the citrus juice will help maintain a healthy pH level, preventing the stops from clogging.

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3. Arrange Your Sunflowers According to Your Style 

Whether starring in a mono floral arrangement or complemented with other blooms in a mixed flower arrangement, sunflowers will look absolutely breathtaking. Big and bright sunflowers will make a gorgeous focal point. Place them in the center or in corners in a mixed flower arrangement. For monoflorals, arrange them in varying heights to form a dome or tall flower arrangement.

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