Fresh Flowers Help with Pain Relief Post-Surgery, According to Study

Fresh Flowers Help with Pain Relief Post-Surgery, According to Study

Fresh flower arrangements have become a staple get-well-soon gift or pick-me-up present when a dear friend or family member has fallen physically ill or even bit blue because of a difficult situation he/she may be going through at work or personal life. Apparently, giving flowering plants, such as charming orchid plants, to send wishes of comfort, healing, and sympathy is a scientifically proven way to help someone instantly feel better.

Flowers for Pain Relief

In a randomized clinical trial conducted by the American Society for Horticulture Science, patients who have recently undergone an appendectomy, a painful abdominal surgical procedure, were assigned to rooms with and without flowers and plants. Researchers used various techniques to evaluate if there was any therapeutic effect and looked at several factors, including the length of hospital stay, implementation of analgesics, and vital signs.

The result of the study was incredibly positive. Compared to their counterparts, patients who were exposed to flowering plants or leafy indoor plants, for example, orchids, displayed amazing progress in terms of pain management and speed of recovery.

  • They complained less about pain.
  • They required less pain relief medication.
  • They had lower blood pressure and heart rate.
  • They were less anxious, irritable, and stressed.
  • They were less fatigued.
  • They were happier, more optimistic.

In conclusion, the researchers emphasize the potential of flowers and plants as an excellent non-invasive and cost-productive complementary medicine for patients recovering from surgery.

Orchid Plants for Health and Healing

Scenery Orchid View, $150

Orchid arrangements are undeniably our favorites because as actual flowering plants, they will last longer and therefore provide benefits to the recipient for a longer period. This means your thoughtfulness will go a long way with orchids, too.

These captivating flowers have been linked to healing since ancient times and certain parts of orchids were used as key ingredients in Chinese traditional medicine. In fact, there are some people in Yunan, China, who attribute their robustness and youthfulness to infusing a rare breed of orchid petals in their tea and congee. In flower meanings, white and green orchid plants symbolize peace, healing, and fertility.

Do you have a loved one, a friend, or even a colleague staying in the hospital right now for whatever reason, whether due to an operation or childbirth? We can help you make the sweetest gesture with our heart-warming orchids and flower arrangements.

Send us an email or drop by our floral boutique to provide the complete delivery details. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to help you select the prettiest flowers for health and healing.

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