The Best Plants and Flowers for Your Office

The Best Plants and Flowers for Your Office

Sprucing your office space with healthy indoor plants is one of the best things you can do to upgrade the aesthetics of your working environment or place of business. Lush greenery and colorful flowering plants lend their beauty to any make plain office spaces appear more calming, charming, and pleasing in general.

The Benefits of Having Plants in Your Workspace

Beyond visuals, many indoor plants are also highly regarded because of their ability to boosting your physical and emotional health as well. There are loads of scientific studies backing up claims that, as humans, we are really intrinsically longing to be close to nature. It is called “biophilia.”

More and more companies are now incorporating biophilia into their headquarters’ design aesthetic. Because aside from automatically painting their brand image as an ethical company that cares about nature, they are also after the impressive benefits it will bring to their workforce.

For instance, in a typical office setting with working employees, indoor plants, such as the hardy ZZ plants, ficus, and rubber plants, are found to have the following positive effects:

  • Naturally helps manage stress levels
  • Enhances the creativity and productivity of employees
  • Significantly lowers absenteeism and sick leaves
  • Effectively filters out air pollutants and allergens

This is why it’s no surprise to businesses or real estate developers for buildings and malls invest in hiring professional plantscaping experts to create breathtaking plant walls or urban gardens to maximize the potential benefits.

Office Plants and Flowers

Whether you are working from the comforts of your own home office or doing an effort to make your boring cubicle look more motivating and inviting, shopping for plants and flowers is an excellent idea.

Invite inspiration with these beautiful indoor plants and flowers that would look absolutely stunning for your office.

Orchid Plants

Cypress Clouds $ 115.00

Orchid plants make ideal office plants because they come in different sizes. They can be large and grandiose for maximum drama to cover big areas like conference rooms, reception areas, or waiting areas. Small compact orchid plants, on the other hand, can fit perfectly on your desk without skimping on style. Giving you twice the benefit as a flowering plant and a fresh flower that packs on the happy vibes, orchid plants will last a long time and asks little maintenance from you, too.

Snake Plants

A handsome structural plant, Sansevieria or snake plant varieties that grow many feet high are wonderful for corners, hallways, and doors. Looking for something for your desk? No worries. There are also cute dwarf snake plant varieties that would do the trick. Also known as the mother-in-law’s tongue, these robust plants are rockstars when it comes to fighting off indoor air toxins.


Jade Waterfalls, $ 110.00

Succulents are super popular nowadays. There are so many amazing qualities of succulents. They produce oxygen, they make thoughtful little gifts for friends and workmates, and there are gorgeous succulent arrangements that come in charming teacups and jars, too! The only downside of parenting succulent plants is that it can be highly addicting. They can be refreshingly green or colorfully diverse. You want to collect all of them.

Air Plants

Air Plant Tree, $310

Air plants, scientifically known as Tillandsia, are another interesting type of plant that you’d want to hoard and have all over your workspace. They require no soil, which means you can put them anywhere you want. You can have them in a glass terrarium, a miniature teacup, a flowery vase, or hanging from the ceiling. Watering is only done once a week by soaking it real good.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily $ 195.00

Peace lily is a pretty indoor flowering plant from NASA’s list of air-purifying plants. This houseplant is amazing when it comes to getting rid of the big five indoor air pollutants: trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, and ammonia.

Elegant Indoor Plants in Los Angeles

Ready to go plant shopping?

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Our charming indoor plants are certified low-maintenance, thrive in low-light indoor environments, and come in elegant planters in different sizes to fit limited space and suit any interior design theme.

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