How to Pick the Perfect Flowers for Mother’s Day

How to Pick the Perfect Flowers for Mother’s Day

Fresh flower arrangements are the ultimate Mother’s Day gifts. They're thoughtful, beautiful, and bring an "instant feel-good" benefit to anyone who receives them. But how do you choose the best? In this article, we’ve rounded up the top choices plus tips on how to pick mesmerizing Mother’s Day flowers that will melt mom's heart.  

When Is Mother’s Day? 

Every year, the second Sunday of May is dedicated to arguably one of the most significant celebrations for women. An unofficial holiday as it may be, Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to recognize the immeasurable influence of all the moms both in their children’s lives and society. It's a time to honor not only your own mother, but also those who have been like one to you or those who you'd like to appreciate. It could be your wife, mother-in-law, sister, teacher, friend, or colleague. 

Mother’s Day Flowers Color and Meaning 

As with any special occasion, fresh flowers top the list of go-to gifts for mom. Learn more about different varieties of flowers and their unique meanings.

Roses for Mom

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Roses have long been associated with love – and all kinds of love at that. While the iconic red roses of Valentine's Day symbolize passionate love, other colors convey a different meaning appropriate for Mother’s Day. Here are some examples.

  • PINK ROSES - A bouquet of mature roses in deep pink shade represent gratitude and admiration.
  • PEACH ROSES - In general, peach roses are associated with sincerity, gratitude, and appreciation. They are often given as a way of expressing thanks or showing admiration for someone. The soft, delicate color of the peach rose also symbolizes modesty, gentleness, and innocence, making it a popular choice for young girls and new mothers.
  • WHITE ROSES - White roses for mom can stand for pure and honest love.
  • YELLOW ROSES - In the context of Mother's Day, yellow roses signify friendship, care, and devotion.

In addition, it is said that if giving three roses means “I love you,” a gift of 50 or more roses is a declaration of unconditional love or a love without boundaries. Yup, just like a mother’s love.

Lilies for Mama

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Lilies are tall and fragrant blossoms that make ideal Mother’s Day gifts, too. In Chinese, daylilies stand for motherhood while calla lilies, now a popular wedding bouquet of choice, represent true beauty. Mix white lilies or calla lilies with other colorful blooms for an elegant Mother’s Day arrangement. They're excellent as flower presents because they last a long time.


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During the Victorian era, orchids were a common gift. The custom was to give rare and exotic blooms with the general idea that the rarer the flower, the deeper the love is. Also, in old Chinese tradition, orchids symbolize “many offspring or children.” They are also an epitome of refinement, thoughtfulness, and statuesque beauty. In terms of color, orchid varieties in shades of pink (for love, grace, and femininity) and purple (for royalty, respect, and admiration) make meaningful choices for Mother’s Day.


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A certified Mother’s Day staple, pink carnations exemplify the eternal love of a mother. This notion is believed to have stemmed from an old Christian legend that says pink carnations have first come into bud on the earth exactly where Mary had shed her tears over Jesus’ death. White carnations, on the other hand, are traditionally given or worn in memory of a mother who has passed away.

When in Doubt, Go for Mix Mother’s Day Bouquet 

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Still can’t decide which flowers for mom you like the most? Whether it’s because of too many emotions or meanings you want to express or because mom’s got too many favorite flowers, there’s a way you can tick off everything on your checklist.

Ask your favorite florist for a mixed flower arrangement of three to four flowers of your choice, and voila! You’ve got magnificent blooms to melt your mom’s heart in an instant. Trust us, you’ll never go wrong with this approach. Aside from the ones we mentioned above, other popular flowers for Mother’s Day include:

  • Hydrangeas 
  • Peonies
  • Gerbera daisies

Go for soft pastel shades like pink, blue, and white hues. These romantic hues give a soothing effect on the eyes and generally indicate love, serenity, and elegance respectively.

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